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2016Bladder catheterization increases susceptibility to infection that can be prevented by prophylactic antibiotic treatmentRousseau, Matthieu; Goh, Hwee Mian Sharon; Holec, Sarah; Albert, Matthew L.; Williams, Rohan B.H.; Ingersoll, Molly A.; Kline, Kimberly A.
 2012Combinatorial small-molecule therapy prevents uropathogenic Escherichia coli catheter-associated urinary tract infections in miceKline, Kimberly A.; Guiton, Pascale S.; Cusumano, Corinne K.; Dodson, Karen W.; Han, Zhenfu.; Janetka, James W.; Henderson, Jeffrey P.; Caparon, Michael G.; Hultgren, Scott J.
2017Comprehensive analysis of phospholipids and glycolipids in the opportunistic pathogen Enterococcus faecalisRashid, Rafi; Cazenave-Gassiot, Amaury; Gao, Iris H.; Nair, Zeus J.; Kumar, Jaspal K.; Gao, Liang; Kline, Kimberly A.; Wenk, Markus R.
2018A dual-function antibiotic-transporter conjugate exhibits superior activity in sterilizing MRSA biofilms and killing persister cellsAntonoplis, Alexandra; Zang, Xiaoyu; Huttner, Melanie A.; Chong, Kelvin Kian Long; Lee, Yu B.; Co, Julia Y.; Amieva, Manuel R.; Kline, Kimberly A.; Wender, Paul A.; Cegelski, Lynette
2020Engineered lysins with customized lytic activities against enterococci and staphylococciHana Sakina Muhammad Jai; Dam, Linh Chi; Tay, Lowella Servito; Koh, Jodi Jia Wei; Loo, Hooi Linn; Kline, Kimberly A.; Goh, Boon Chong
2016Enterococcal Metabolite Cues Facilitate Interspecies Niche Modulation and Polymicrobial InfectionWilliams, Rohan B. H.; Chen, Swaine L.; Dunny, Gary M.; Kline, Kimberly A.; Keogh, Damien; Tay, Wei Hong; Ho, Yao Yong; Dale, Jennifer L.; Chen, Siyi; Umashankar, Shivshankar
2020Enterococcus faecalis adapts to antimicrobial conjugated oligoelectrolytes by lipid rearrangement and differential expression of membrane stress response genesChilambi, Gayatri Shankar; Hinks, Jamie; Matysik, Artur; Zhu, Xinyi; Choo, Pei Yi; Liu, Xianghui; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Bazan, Guillermo C.; Kline, Kimberly A.; Rice, Scott A.
2020Enterococcus faecalis manganese exporter MntE alleviates manganese toxicity and is required for mouse gastrointestinal colonizationLam, Ling Ning; Wong, Jun Jie; Chong, Kelvin Kian Long; Kline, Kimberly A.
2017Enterococcus faecalis Modulates Immune Activation and Slows Healing During Wound InfectionChong, Kelvin Kian Long; Tay, Wei Hong; Janela, Baptiste; Yong, Adeline Mei Hui; Liew, Tze Horng; Madden, Leigh; Keogh, Damien; Barkham, Timothy Mark Sebastian; Ginhoux, Florent; Becker, David Laurence; Kline, Kimberly A.
2017Enterococcus faecalis Promotes Innate Immune Suppression and Polymicrobial Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract InfectionTien, Brenda Yin Qi; Goh, Hwee Mian Sharon; Chong, Kelvin Kian Long; Bhaduri-Tagore, Soumili; Holec, Sarah; Dress, Regine; Ginhoux, Florent; Ingersoll, Molly A.; Williams, Rohan B. H.; Kline, Kimberly A.
2018Extracellular Electron Transfer Powers Enterococcus faecalis Biofilm MetabolismKeogh, Damien; Lam, Ling Ning; Pavagadhi, Shruti; Umashankar, Shivshankar; Doyle, Lucinda Elizabeth; Matysik, Artur Stanislaw; Marsili, Enrico; Kline, Kimberly A.; Song, Yiyang; Ng, Sean Pin; Boothroyd, Chris B.; Dunny, Gary M.; Low, Pui Man; Dale, Jennifer L.; Williams, Rohan B. H.; Swarup, Sanjay
2013Focal targeting by human β-defensin 2 disrupts localized virulence factor assembly sites in Enterococcus faecalisNormark, Staffan; Kandaswamy, Kumaravel; Liew, Tze Horng; Huston-Warren, Emily; Meyer-Hoffert, Ulf; Hultenby, Kjell; Henriques-Normark, Birgitta; Wang, Charles Y.; Schröder, Jens M.; Caparon, Michael G.; Hultgren, Scott J.; Kline, Kimberly A.
2016Gram-Positive Uropathogens, Polymicrobial Urinary Tract Infection, and the Emerging Microbiota of the Urinary TractKline, Kimberly A.; Lewis, Amanda L.
2015High-Performance Capacitive Deionization Disinfection of Water with Graphene Oxide-graft-Quaternized Chitosan Nanohybrid Electrode CoatingWang, Yilei; El-Deen, Ahmed G.; Li, Peng; Oh, Bernice Hui Lin; Guo, Zanru; Khin, Mya Mya; Vikhe, Yogesh Shankar; Wang, Jing; Hu, Rebecca G.; Boom, Remko M.; Kline, Kimberly A.; Becker, David Lawrence; Duan, Hongwei; Chan-Park, Mary B.
 2012Immune modulation by group B streptococcus influences host susceptibility to urinary tract infection by uropathogenic escherichia coliKline, Kimberly A.; Schwartz, Drew J.; Gilbert, Nicole M.; Hultgren, Scott J.; Lewis, Amanda L.
2014Impact of host age and parity on susceptibility to severe urinary tract infection in a murine modelKline, Kimberly A.; Schwartz, Drew J.; Gilbert, Nicole M.; Lewis, Amanda L.
2017In vivo anti-biofilm and anti-bacterial non-leachable coating thermally polymerized on cylindrical catheterZhou, Chao; Wu, Yang; Thappeta, Kishore Reddy Venkata; Subramanian, Jo Thy Lachumy; Pranantyo, Dicky; Kang, En-Tang; Duan, Hongwei; Kline, Kimberly A.; Chan-Park, Mary B.
2015Infection in an aging populationKline, Kimberly A.; Bowdish, Dawn M. E.
2018Membrane adaptation limitations in Enterococcus faecalis underlie sensitivity and the inability to develop significant resistance to conjugated oligoelectrolytesChilambi, Gayatri Shankar; Gao, Iris H.; Yoon, Bo Kyeong; Park, Soohyun; Kawakami, Lisa M.; Ravikumar, Vikashini; Chan-Park, Mary Beeeng; Cho, Nam-Joon; Bazan, Guillermo C.; Kline, Kimberly A.; Rice, Scott Alan; Hinks, Jamie
2012The metal ion-dependent adhesion site motif of the Enterococcus faecalis EbpA pilin mediates pilus function in catheter-associated urinary tract infectionNielsen, Hailyn V.; Guiton, Pascale S.; Kline, Kimberly A.; Port, Gary C.; Pinkner, Jerome S.; Neiers, Fabrice; Normark, Staffan; Henriques-Normark, Birgitta; Caparon, Michael G.; Hultgren, Scott J.