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2021Cooperation and dependencies in multipartite systemsKlobus, Waldemar; Miller, Marek; Pandit, Mahasweta; Ganardi, Ray; Knips, Lukas; Dziewior, Jan; Meinecke, Jasmin; Weinfurter, Harald; Laskowski, Wieslaw; Paterek, Tomasz
2015Genuine multipartite entanglement without multipartite correlationsSchwemmer, Christian; Knips, Lukas; Tran, Minh Cong; de Rosier, Anna; Laskowski, Wiesław; Paterek, Tomasz; Weinfurter, Harald
2017Genuine N-partite entanglement without N-partite correlation functionsTran, Minh Cong; Zuppardo, Margherita; de Rosier, Anna; Knips, Lukas; Laskowski, Wiesław; Paterek, Tomasz; Weinfurter, Harald
2020Multipartite entanglement analysis from random correlationsKnips, Lukas; Dziewior, Jan; Kłobus, Waldemar; Laskowski, Wiesław; Paterek, Tomasz; Shadbolt, Peter J.; Weinfurter, Harald; Meinecke, Jasmin D. A.
2013Optimized state-independent entanglement detection based on a geometrical threshold criterionLaskowski, Wiesław; Schwemmer, Christian; Richart, Daniel; Knips, Lukas; Paterek, Tomasz; Weinfurter, Harald