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2009ASEAN Petroleum Security Agreement : sealed or leaking?Chang, Youngho; Koh, Collin Swee Lean
2010Bracing for impact : fifth-generation jet fighter programmes in AsiaCurie Maharani; Koh, Collin Swee Lean
2012China’s aircraft carrier : implications for Southeast AsiaKoh, Collin Swee Lean
2009Clinton's coup in Pyongyang: North Korean denuclearisation next?Koh, Collin Swee Lean
2011Indonesia's anti-ship missiles : new development in naval capabilitiesKoh, Collin Swee Lean
2012Indonesia's new submarines : impact on regional naval balanceKoh, Collin Swee Lean
2012Indonesia-Singapore submarine rescue pact : promoting Southeast Asian naval cooperationKoh, Collin Swee Lean
2017International Maritime Review 2017 - Need for More Inclusive Asia-Pac Maritime DiplomacyChan, Jane Git Yin; Koh, Collin Swee Lean
2016The Malacca strait patrols: finding common groundKoh, Collin Swee Lean
2016Malaysia’s Navy Deal with China: Meeting A Complex Security ChallengeKoh, Collin Swee Lean
2013Pan-ASEAN maritime security cooperation : prospects for pooling resourcesKoh, Collin Swee Lean
2016Rethinking the consequences of naval modernization in Southeast Asia : a heuristic approachKoh, Collin Swee Lean
2008Russian arms sales : the other story behind Somalia's piracyKoh, Collin Swee Lean; Matthews, Ron
2010Taiwan’s submarine debate : exploring alternative solutionsKoh, Collin Swee Lean
2013Tensions in the East China Sea : time to contain naval stand-offsKoh, Collin Swee Lean
2014Westward Ho : expanding global role for China's navyKoh, Collin Swee Lean
 2015What next for the Indonesian's navy? Challenges and prospects for attaining the minimum essential force by 2024Koh, Collin Swee Lean