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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Effect of Co distribution on plastic deformation of nanocrystalline Al-10.2 at.% Co alloyBabicheva, Rita I.; Dmitriev, Sergey V.; Zhang, Ying; Kok, Shaw Wei; Zhou, Kun
2013Fiber profilometer for measurement of hard-to-access areasLiu, Zhuang; Yu, Xia; Wang, Qi Jie; Kok, Shaw Wei; Zhang, Ying
2015Low cost and compact nonlinear (SHG/TPE) laser scanning endoscope for bio-medical applicationLim, Ken Choong; Li, Hao; Liu, Jiayun; Seck, Hon Luen; Yu, Xia; Kok, Shaw Wei; Zhang, Ying
2015Nano-imaging collagen by atomic force, near-field and nonlinear microscopeLim, Ken Choong; Tang, Jinkai; Li, Hao; Ng, Boon Ping; Kok, Shaw Wei; Wang, Qijie; Zhang, Ying
2006Optical detection of optical code division multiple accessKok, Shaw Wei