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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012A high speed low power CAM with a parity bit and power-gated ML sensingDo, Anh Tuan; Chen, Shoushun; Kong, Zhi Hui; Yeo, Kiat Seng
2014Highly reliable memory-based physical unclonable function using spin-transfer torque MRAMKong, Zhi Hui; Roy, Kaushik; Zhang, Le; Chang, Chip-Hong; Fong, Xuanyao
2015Highly reliable spin-transfer torque magnetic RAM based physical unclonable function with multi-response-bits per cellZhang, Le; Fong, Xuanyao; Chang, Chip-Hong; Kong, Zhi Hui; Roy, Kaushik
2008Hybrid-mode SRAM sense amplifiers : new approach on transistor sizingDo, Anh Tuan; Kong, Zhi Hui; Yeo, Kiat Seng
2014Leakage-resilient memory-based physical unclonable function using phase change materialZhang, Le; Chang, Chip-Hong; Cabrini, Alessandro; Torelli, Guido; Kong, Zhi Hui
2018Miniaturized wideband coupler for 60-GHz band in 65-nm CMOS technologyChew, Peng Siew; Ma, Kaixue; Kong, Zhi Hui; Yeo, Kiat Seng
 2014A Monolithically Integrated Pressure/Oxygen/Temperature Sensing SoC for Multimodality Intracranial NeuromonitoringChan, Wai Pan; Narducci, Margarita; Gao, Yuan; Cheng, Ming-Yuan; Cheong, Jia Hao; George, Arup K.; Cheam, Daw Don; Leong, Siew Chong; Damalerio, Maria Ramona B.; Lim, Ruiqi; Tsai, Ming-Ling; Rahman, Abdur R. A.; Park, Mi Kyoung; Kong, Zhi Hui; Prashanth, Rao Jai; Je, Minkyu
 2012NBTI/PBTI-aware wordline voltage control with no boosted supply for stability improvement of half-selected SRAM cellsLee, Zhao Chuan; Ho, Kim Ming; Kong, Zhi Hui; Kim, Tony Tae-Hyoung
 2012Recent progress in silicon-based millimeter-wave power amplifierHan, Jiang An; Kong, Zhi Hui; Ma, Kaixue; Yeo, Kiat Seng
2019A simplified methodology to evaluate circuit complexity : doherty power amplifier as a case studyTan, Aaron; Lim, Alfred; Li, Yongfu; Toh, Rui Tze; Kong, Zhi Hui
2015Statistical analysis and design of 6T SRAM cell for physical unclonable function with dual application modesZhang, Le; Chang, Chip-Hong; Kong, Zhi Hui; Liu, Chao Qun