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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2017Impact of circulating current control in capacitor voltage ripples of modular multilevel converters under grid imbalancesLi, Jinke; Konstantinou, Georgios; Wickramasinghe, Harith R.; Pou, Josep; Wu, Xuezhi; Jin, Xinmin
 2017Interactions between indirect DC-voltage estimation and circulating current controllers of MMC-based HVDC transmission systemsWickramasinghe, Harith R.; Konstantinou, Georgios; Pou, Josep; Agelidis, Vassilios G.
2016Low-Voltage Ride-Through Capability of Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Converters for Large-Scale Photovoltaic Power PlantsTafti, Hossein Dehghani; Maswood, Ali Iftekhar; Konstantinou, Georgios; Pou, Josep
2016Low-voltage ride-through capability of full-row connected cascaded H-bridge convertersTafti, Hossein Dehghani; Maswood, Ali Iftekhar; Konstantinou, Georgios; Pou, Josep; Townsend, Christopher D.
 2017Modular multilevel converter dc fault protectionCwikowski, Oliver; Wickramasinghe, Harith R.; Konstantinou, Georgios; Pou, Josep; Barnes, Mike; Shuttleworth, Roger
2018A multi-mode flexible power point tracking algorithm for photovoltaic power plantsDehghani Tafti, Hossein; Townsend, Christopher David; Konstantinou, Georgios; Pou, Josep
 2018Operation and control methods of modular multilevel converters in unbalanced AC grids : a reviewLi, Jinke; Konstantinou, Georgios; Wickramasinghe, Harith R.; Pou, Josep
2016A Review of Power Electronics for Grid Connection of Utility-Scale Battery Energy Storage SystemsWang, Guishi; Konstantinou, Georgios; Townsend, Christopher D.; Pou, Josep; Vazquez, Sergio; Demetriades, Georgios D.; Agelidis, Vassilios Georgios
 2017Single-carrier phase-disposition PWM techniques for multiple interleaved voltage-source converter legsKonstantinou, Georgios; Capella, Gabriel J.; Pou, Josep; Ceballos, Salvador
2018Study and comparison of discontinuous modulation for modular multilevel converters in motor drive applicationsPicas, Ricard; Zaragoza, Jordi; Pou, Josep; Ceballos, Salvador; Konstantinou, Georgios; Capella, Gabriel Jose
2016Study on the Low-Voltage Ride-Thorough Capability of Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Neutral-Point-Clamped Inverters with Active/Reactive Power InjectionKonstantinou, Georgios; Dehghani Tafti, Hossein; Iftekhar Maswood, Ali; Pou, Josep; Kandasamy, Karthik; Lim, Ziyou; Ooi, Gabriel Heo Peng
2016Study on the unbalanced current injection capability of grid-connected photovoltaic neutral-point-clamped inverterDehghani Tafti, Hossein; Maswood, Ali Iftekhar; Kandasamy, Karthik; Lim, Ziyou; Ooi, Gabriel H. P.; Konstantinou, Georgios; Pou, Josep
2021Unbalanced active power distribution of cascaded multilevel converter-based battery energy storage systemsLiang, Gaowen; Farivar, Glen G.; Ceballos, Salvador; Tafti, Hossein Dehghani; Pou, Josep; Townsend, Christopher D.; Konstantinou, Georgios
2018A universal formulation for multilevel selective-harmonic-eliminated PWM with half-wave symmetryPérez-Basante, Angel; Ceballos, Salvador; Konstantinou, Georgios; Pou, Josep; Kortabarria, Iñigo; de Alegría, Iñigo Martínez
2018Zero-current switching for the alternate arm converter through on-load tap changersWickramasinghe, Harith R.; Konstantinou, Georgios; Pou, Josep