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2020Investigating the role of PPARβ/δ in retinal vascular remodeling using Pparβ/δ-deficient miceHo, Sze Yuan; Kwan, Yuet Ping; Qiu, Beiying; Tan, Alison; Murray, Hannah Louise; Barathi, Veluchamy Amutha; Tan, Nguan Soon; Cheung, Gemmy Chui Ming; Wong, Tien Yin; Wahli, Walter; Wang, Xiaomeng
2021LRG1 promotes metastatic dissemination of melanoma through regulating EGFR/STAT3 signallingKwan, Yuet Ping; Teo, Melissa Hui Yen; Lim, Jonathan Chee Woei; Tan, Michelle Siying; Rosellinny, Graciella; Wahli, Walter; Wang, Xiaomeng
2018The role of PPARβ/δ in melanoma metastasisLim, Jonathan Chee Woei; Kwan, Yuet Ping; Tan, Michelle Siying; Teo, Melissa Hui Yen; Chiba, Shunsuke; Wahli, Walter; Wang, Xiaomeng