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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Selective formation of ordered arrays of octacalcium phosphate ribbons on TiO2 nanotube surface by template-assisted electrodepositionLai, Yuekun; Huang, Yongxia; Wang, Hui; Huang, Jianying; Chen, Zhong; Lin, Changjian
 2009Self-organized TiO2 nanotubes in mixed organic–inorganic electrolytes and their photoelectrochemical performanceLai, Yuekun; Zhuang, Huifang; Sun, Lan; Chen, Zhong; Lin, Changjian
2018A self-roughened and biodegradable superhydrophobic coating with UV shielding, solar-induced self-healing and versatile oil-water separation abilityDong, Xiuli; Gao, Shouwei; Huang, Jianying; Li, Shuhui; Zhu, Tianxue; Cheng, Yan; Zhao, Yan; Chen, Zhong; Lai, Yuekun
 2011Silver decorated titanate/titania nanostructures for efficient solar driven photocatalysisGong, Dangguo; Ho, Weng Chye Jeffrey; Tang, Yuxin; Tay, Qiuling; Lai, Yuekun; Highfield, James George; Chen, Zhong
2009Superhydrophilic–superhydrophobic template : a simple approach to micro- and nanostructure patterning of TiO2 filmsLai, Yuekun; Huang, Jianying; Gong, Jiaojiao; Huang, Yongxia; Wang, Chenglin; Chen, Zhong; Lin, Changjian
 2011Synthesis of nanostructured silver/silver halides on titanate surfaces and their visible-light photocatalytic performanceTang, Yuxin; Jiang, Zhelong; Deng, Jiyang; Gong, Dangguo; Lai, Yuekun; Tay, Han Teng; Joo, Ivor Tan Kian; Lau, Teck Hua; Dong, Zhili; Chen, Zhong
2019Transparent antibacterial nanofiber air filters with highly efficient moisture resistance for sustainable particulate matter captureLiu, Hui; Huang, Jianying; Mao, Jiajun; Chen, Zhong; Chen, Guoqiang; Lai, Yuekun
 2012Transparent superhydrophobic/superhydrophilic TiO2-based coatings for self-cleaning and anti-foggingLai, Yuekun; Tang, Yuxin; Gong, Jiaojiao; Gong, Dangguo; Lin, Changjian; Chen, Zhong; Chi, Lifeng
 2010Ultrafast synthesis of layered titanate micro-spherulite particles by electrochemical spark discharge spallationTang, Yuxin; Lai, Yuekun; Gong, Dangguo; Lim, Teik-Thye; Dong, Zhili; Chen, Zhong; Goh, Kok Hui
 2010Ultrafast synthesis of layered titanate microspherulite particles by electrochemical spark discharge spallationTang, Yuxin; Lai, Yuekun; Gong, Dangguo; Goh, Kok Hui; Lim, Teik-Thye; Dong, Zhili; Chen, Zhong
 2013Understanding the role of nanostructures for efficient hydrogen generation on immobilized photocatalystsJiang, Zhelong; Tang, Yuxin; Tay, Qiuling; Zhang, Yanyan; Malyi, Oleksandr I.; Wang, Danping; Deng, Jiyang; Lai, Yuekun; Zhou, Huanfu; Chen, Xiaodong; Dong, Zhili; Chen, Zhong
 2012Visible-light plasmonic photocatalyst anchored on titanate nanotubes : a novel nanohybrid with synergistic effects of adsorption and degradationTang, Yuxin; Jiang, Zhelong; Tay, Qiuling; Deng, Jiyang; Lai, Yuekun; Gong, Dangguo; Dong, Zhili; Chen, Zhong