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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Spectrum allocation with asymmetric monopoly model for multibeam-based cognitive satellite networksLi, Feng; Liu, Xin; Lam, Kwok-Yan; Na, Zhenyu; Hua, Jingyu; Wang, Jian; Wang, Li
2018Spectrum optimization for cognitive satellite communications with Cournot game modelWang, Li; Li, Feng; Liu, Xin; Lam, Kwok-Yan; Na, Zhenyu; Peng, Hong
2019Spectrum optimization for satellite communication systems with heterogeneous user preferencesLi, Feng; Lam, Kwok-Yan; Jia, Min; Zhao, Kanglian; Li, Xiuhua; Wang, Li
2019Spectrum optimization in cognitive satellite networks with graph coloring methodWang, Li; Lam, Kwok-Yan; Zhang, Jiangxin; Li, Feng
2018Spectrum pricing for cognitive radio networks with user’s stochastic distributionWang, Li; Lam, Kwok-Yan; Xiong, Mudi; Li, Feng; Liu, Xin; Wang, Jian
2018Spectrum trading for satellite communication systems with dynamic bargainingLi, Feng; Lam, Kwok-Yan; Zhao, Nan; Liu, Xin; Zhao, Kanglian; Wang, Li
2019Trading-based dynamic spectrum access and allocation in cognitive internet of thingsLi, Feng; Lam, Kwok-Yan; Meng, Limin; Luo, Hao; Wang, Li
 2017Wireless communication and security issues for cyber-physical systems and the Internet-of-ThingsBurg, Andreas; Chattopadhyay, Anupam; Lam, Kwok-Yan