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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Effect of microchannel junction angle on two-phase liquid-gas Taylor flowLim, An Eng; Lim, Chun Yee; Lam, Yee Cheong; Lim, Yee Hwee
2012Effect of solvent state and isothermal conditions on gelation of methylcellulose hydrogelsJoshi, Sunil Chandrakant; Liang, C. M.; Lam, Yee Cheong
2016Effects of Nanostructured Surfaces on Electro-osmotic FlowLim, An Eng; Lim, Chun Yee; Taboryski, Rafael; Lam, Yee Cheong
2019Elastic turbulence of aqueous polymer solution in multi-stream micro-channel flowTai, Jiayan; Lam, Yee Cheong
 2017Elastic-plastic behavior analysis of an arbitrarily oriented crack near an elliptical inhomogeneity with generalized Irwin correctionFeng, Hui; Lam, Yee Cheong; Zhou, Kun; Kumar, Shashi Bhushan; Wu, Wenjin
2021Electrical resistance reduction induced with CO₂ laser single line scan of polyimideWang, Zhongke; Tan, Kok Keat; Lam, Yee Cheong
 2011Electrokinetically driven concentration of particles and cells by dielectrophoresis with DC-offset AC electric fieldLewpiriyawong, Nuttawut; Yang, Chun; Lam, Yee Cheong
2016Electroosmotic Flow Hysteresis for Dissimilar Anionic SolutionsLim, An Eng; Lim, Chun Yee; Lam, Yee Cheong
2015Electroosmotic flow hysteresis for dissimilar ionic solutionsLim, An Eng; Lim, Chun Yee; Lam, Yee Cheong
2021Electroosmotic flow hysteresis for fluids with dissimilar pH and ionic speciesLim, An Eng; Lam, Yee Cheong
2018Electroosmotic flow in microchannel with black silicon nanostructuresLim, An Eng; Lim, Chun Yee; Lam, Yee Cheong; Taboryski, Rafael
2017Electroosmotic flow in microchannel with black silicon nanostructuresLim, An Eng; Lim, Chun Yee; Lam, Yee Cheong; Taboryski, Rafael
 2011Evaluation of roughness, hardness, and strength of AA 6061 molds for manufacturing polymeric microdevicesTran, Nhat Khoa; Lam, Yee Cheong; Yue, Chee Yoon; Tan, Ming-Jen
2012Experimental observations of flow instabilities and rapid mixing of two dissimilar viscoelastic liquidsGan, Hiong Yap; Lam, Yee Cheong
2019Femtosecond laser-induced nonlinear absorption in thick polystyreneWang, Bing; Wang, Xincai; Zheng, Hongyu; Lam, Yee Cheong
 2020Functionalized MXene enabled sustainable water harvesting and desalinationFei, Jipeng; Koh, See Wee; Tu, Wengguang; Ge, Junyu; Hamid, Rezaeyan; Hou, Shuai; Duan Hongwei; Lam, Yee Cheong; Li, Hong
2014High speed imaging of micro-sized droplet jetted on surface with wettability patternLim, Chun Yee; Lam, Yee Cheong
1997In-situ measurement of the stiffness of the foam layer in foam-adhesive bonded structuresQin, S.; Shang, H. M.; Fu, Yu; Lam, Yee Cheong
 2014Influence of hydrothermal exposure on surface characteristics and corrosion behaviors of anodized titaniumChen, Zhaoxiang; Zhou, Kun; Lu, Xuehong; Lam, Yee Cheong
2019Interaction of ultrasound with microporous polyethylene scaffoldsZhao, Liuxian; Lam, Yee Cheong; Lai, Chang Quan