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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Monolithic integration of GaAs/A1GaAS photonic devices using quantum well intermixingChan, Yuen Chuen; Ooi, Boon Siew; Lam, Yee Loy
2002Novel quantum well intermixing technique using gray mask technology for photonic integrated circuitsNg, Seng Lee.
1997One-step disposable optical waveguide immunosensorsZhou, Yan; Lam, Yee Loy
2002Optical nonlinearities of semiconductors and nonlinear optical crystalsLi, He Ping.
2001Research and development of guided-wave optical components for WDM network technologyChan, Yuen Chuen; Lam, Yee Loy; Kam, Chan Hin; Zhou, Yan; Ooi, Boon Siew
2001Research and development of optoelectronics for optical networkingChan, Yuen Chuen; Lam, Yee Loy; Zhou, Yan; Ooi, Boon Siew
2002Research and development of WDM technology : fibre grating based devices and systemsCheng, Tee Hiang; Lu, Chao; Shalaby, H. M. H.; Mukkamala Kameshwar Rao; Lam, Yee Loy; Zhou, Yan; Ooi, Boon Siew; Chan, Yuen Chuen; Wu, Xiangnong
1997Research and development on integrated optical devices based on non-semiconductor materialsKam, Chan Hin; Zhou, Yan; Lam, Yee Loy; Zhou, Feng; Chan, Yuen Chuen
2002Sol-gel derived glass films and their hybridization with InP based optoelectronics for novel optical communications devicesLiu, Jian.
 2001Sol-gel derived thin films of LiTaO3 on SiO2/Si substrates for optical waveguide applicationsCheng, Shi-De; Zhou, Yan; Kam, Chan Hin; Lam, Yee Loy; Chan, Yuen-Chuen; Que, Wenxiu; Gan, Woon Siong