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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Probability distribution of bed particle instabilityCheng, Nian-Sheng; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung; Lim, Siow Yong.
2001Probability of shoreline contact due to offshore oil spillLaw, Adrian Wing-Keung; Findikakis, Angelos N.; Lo, Edmond Yat-Man.
 2019Quantitative risk assessment of seafarers’ nonfatal injuries due to occupational accidents based on Bayesian network modelingZhang, Guizhen; Thai, Vinh V.; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung; Yuen, Kum Fai; Loh, Hui Shan; Zhou, Qingji
 2019A second-order integral model for buoyant jets with background homogeneous and isotropic turbulenceLai, Adrian Chun Hin; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung; Adams, E. Eric
2020Solid waste incineration modelling for advanced moving grate incineratorsJiang, Mingtao; Lai, Adrian Chun Hin; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung
 2017Strained single-layer C2N membrane for efficient seawater desalination via forward osmosis : a molecular dynamics study.Liu, Bo; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung; Zhou, Kun
2002Study of oil transport in surf zone and turbulance generated by oscillating gridCheng, Nian Sheng.; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung
2013Submerged hollow fibre membrane filtration with transverse and longitudinal vibrationsFane, Anthony Gordon; Li, Tian (CEE); Law, Adrian Wing-Keung
2012Theory of isobaric pressure exchanger for desalinationMei, Chiang C.; Liu, Ying-Hung.; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung
2018Turbulence characteristics of 45° inclined dense jetsJiang, Mingtao; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung; Lai, Adrian C. H.
 2013Two-phase modeling of sediment cloudsLai, Adrian C. H.; Zhao, Bing; Adams, E. Eric; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung
2019Wave attenuation and dispersion due to floating ice coversYiew, Lucas J.; Parra, Sabrina Mendoza; Wang, David; Sree, Dharma K. K.; Babanin, Alexander V.; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung
 2013Wave power extraction by an axisymmetric oscillating-water-column converter supported by a coaxial tube-sector-shaped structureDeng, Zhengzhi; Huang, Zhenhua; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung