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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Real-time positioning implementation via GPS code phase mesurementsShi, Danhong
2001RF front end for 5.8GHz wireless LANZhang, Ling
2000RF synthesizer based on intersil prism chipsetU Myint Oo
2003Strategic research on RF and microwaveNg, Geok Ing; Lau, Wai Shing; Law, Choi Look
2004Study of injection locked oscillators and design of a 5.8GHz oscillatorLee, Ming Leong
2014Synthesis of microwave bandpass filters based on planar quarter-wavelength resonatorsZhang, Songbai
2012Synthesis, design and implementation of ultra-wideband impulse radio active MMIC matched filtersXia, Jingjing; Law, Choi Look; Zhou, Yuan
2000System level linear and non-linear modelling of RF/microwave integrated circuits for an antenna array receiverCheow, Cheng Wah
2000Telecommunication techniques and systems (IV): all-optical timing techniques in ultra-high speed optical time-division-multiplexed systemLaw, Choi Look; Zhou, Xiang; Lu, Chao; Cheng, Tee Hiang; Hossam H. M. Shalby
 2013Test bed for power amplifier behavioral characterization and modelingFu, Kai; Law, Choi Look; Thein, Than Tun
2000A testbed for DECT transceiver designLau, Kian Koon
 2010TOA estimation of UWB backscattering RFID tag with dual pulse modulation for clutter suppressionXu, Chi; Law, Choi Look
2002Tracking of LEO satellite using digital beam formingXu, Chang Qing
2003Turbo codec for software radio receiversGuan, Yong Liang; Law, Choi Look; Yoshida, Susumu
2012A two-port antenna for wireless-powered UWB-RFID tagsShen, Yizhu; Law, Choi Look
 2012Ultra low-power UWB-RFID system for precise location-aware applicationsZhou, Yuan; Law, Choi Look; Xia, Jingjing
2007UWB based localization schemes for Sensor and Ad Hoc NetworksWang, Jian Bo.
2019UWB/LiDAR fusion for cooperative range-only SLAMSong, Yang; Guan, Mingyang; Tay, Wee Peng; Law, Choi Look; Wen, Changyun
2000Wideband CDMA power amplifierSathish Shanbhag Kota
1995Wideband indoor channel characterisation at 1.95 GHZWong, Meng Teck.