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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Strategic research on RF and microwaveNg, Geok Ing; Lau, Wai Shing; Law, Choi Look
2004Study of injection locked oscillators and design of a 5.8GHz oscillatorLee, Ming Leong
2014Synthesis of microwave bandpass filters based on planar quarter-wavelength resonatorsZhang, Songbai
2012Synthesis, design and implementation of ultra-wideband impulse radio active MMIC matched filtersXia, Jingjing; Law, Choi Look; Zhou, Yuan
2000System level linear and non-linear modelling of RF/microwave integrated circuits for an antenna array receiverCheow, Cheng Wah
2000Telecommunication techniques and systems (IV): all-optical timing techniques in ultra-high speed optical time-division-multiplexed systemLaw, Choi Look; Zhou, Xiang; Lu, Chao; Cheng, Tee Hiang; Hossam H. M. Shalby
 2013Test bed for power amplifier behavioral characterization and modelingFu, Kai; Law, Choi Look; Thein, Than Tun
2000A testbed for DECT transceiver designLau, Kian Koon
 2010TOA estimation of UWB backscattering RFID tag with dual pulse modulation for clutter suppressionXu, Chi; Law, Choi Look
2002Tracking of LEO satellite using digital beam formingXu, Chang Qing
2003Turbo codec for software radio receiversGuan, Yong Liang; Law, Choi Look; Yoshida, Susumu
2012A two-port antenna for wireless-powered UWB-RFID tagsShen, Yizhu; Law, Choi Look
 2012Ultra low-power UWB-RFID system for precise location-aware applicationsZhou, Yuan; Law, Choi Look; Xia, Jingjing
2007UWB based localization schemes for Sensor and Ad Hoc NetworksWang, Jian Bo.
2019UWB/LiDAR fusion for cooperative range-only SLAMSong, Yang; Guan, Mingyang; Tay, Wee Peng; Law, Choi Look; Wen, Changyun
2000Wideband CDMA power amplifierSathish Shanbhag Kota
1995Wideband indoor channel characterisation at 1.95 GHZWong, Meng Teck.
1998Wireless LAN system developmentLaw, Choi Look; Ong, Jin Teong; Subramanian, Krishnappa R.; Dubey, Vimal Kishore; Gosling, Ian Gilbert