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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Partially oxidized titanium carbonitride as a non-noble catalyst for oxygen reduction reactionsDam, Duc Tai; Nam, Kyung-Don; Song, Hao; Wang, Xin; Lee, Jong-Min
2017Polyethyleneimine functionalized platinum superstructures: enhancing hydrogen evolution performance by morphological and interfacial controlXu, Guang-Rui; Bai, Juan; Jiang, Jia-Xing; Lee, Jong-Min; Chen, Yu
 2019Porous PdRh nanobowls : facile synthesis and activity for alkaline ethanol oxidationLi, Zhijuan; Chen, Yifan; Fu, Gengtao; Chen, Yang; Sun, Dongmei; Lee, Jong-Min; Tang, Yawen
 2018Recent advances in carbon‐based bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts for Zn − air batteriesFu, Gengtao; Tang, Yawen; Lee, Jong-Min
 2020Reduced graphene oxide with controllably intimate bifunctionality for the catalytic transformation of fructose into 2,5-diformylfuran in biphasic solvent systemsChen, Z.; Liao, S.; Ge, Liya; Amaniampong, P. N.; Min, Y.; Wang, C.; Li, K.; Lee, Jong-Min
2013A review on the electrochemical reduction of CO2 in fuel cells, metal electrodes and molecular catalystsLim, Rern Jern; Xie, Mingshi; Sk, Mahasin Alam; Lee, Jong-Min; Fisher, Adrian; Wang, Xin; Lim, Kok Hwa
2018Robust bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst with a “rigid and flexible” structure for air-cathodesFu, Gengtao; Jiang, Xian; Chen, Yifan; Xu, Lin; Sun, Dongmei; Lee, Jong-Min; Tang, Yawen
 2018Robust N-doped carbon aerogels strongly coupled with iron – cobalt particles as efficient bifunctional catalysts for rechargeable Zn – air batteriesFu, Gengtao; Liu, Yu; Chen, Yifan; Tang, Yawen; Goodenough, John B.; Lee, Jong-Min
 2013Synthesis of mesoporous polyaniline (PANI)-Se 0.5 Te 0.5 dual-layer film from lyotropic liquid crystalline templateXue, Tong; Wang, Xin; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Lee, Jong-Min
2015Thermal decomposition synthesis of functionalized PdPt alloy nanodendrites with high selectivity for oxygen reduction reactionLi, Fu-Min; Gao, Xue-Qing; Li, Shu-Ni; Chen, Yu; Lee, Jong-Min
 2019Three-dimensional graphene-supported Ni₃Fe/Co₉S₈ composites : rational design and active for oxygen reversible electrocatalysisHu, Xuejiao; Huang, Tan; Tang, Yawen; Fu, Gengtao; Lee, Jong-Min
 2018Tuning the electronic spin state of catalysts by strain control for highly efficient water electrolysisHsu, Shao-Hui; Hung, Sung-Fu; Wang, Hsin-Yi; Xiao, Fang-Xing; Zhang, Liping; Yang, Hongbin; Chen, Hao Ming; Lee, Jong-Min; Liu, Bin
 2013Ultrahigh pseudocapacitance of mesoporous Ni-doped Co(OH)2/ITO nanowiresTai Dam, Duc; Lee, Jong-Min
 2012What causes the low viscosity of ether-functionalized ionic liquids? Its dependence on the increase of free volumeChen, Zhengjian; Xue, Tong; Lee, Jong-Min