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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Ultra-large optical modulation of electrochromic porous WO3 film and the local monitoring of redox activityCai, Guofa; Cui, Mengqi; Kumar, Vipin; Darmawan, Peter; Wang, Jiangxin; Wang, Xu; Eh, Alice Lee-Sie; Qian, Kai; Lee, Pooi See
 2019Ultrafast laser pulses enable one-step graphene patterning on woods and leaves for green electronicsLe, Truong-Son Dinh; Park, Sangbaek; An, Jianing; Lee, Pooi See; Kim, Young-Jin
 2010Ultrahigh-performance solar-blind photodetectors based on individual single-crystalline In2Ge2O7 nanobeltsLi, Liang; Lee, Pooi See; Yan, Chaoyi; Zhai, Tianyou; Fang, Xiaosheng; Liao, Meiyong; Koide, Yasuo; Bando, Yoshio; Golberg, Dmitri
 2020Uncovering the indium filament revolution in transparent bipolar ito/siox/ito resistive switching memoriesQian, Kai; Han, Xu; Li, Huakai; Chen, Tupei; Lee, Pooi See
 2011V2O5 loaded on SnO2 nanowires for high-rate li ion batteriesYan, Jian; Sumboja, Afriyanti; Khoo, Eugene; Lee, Pooi See
2019Vanadium oxide nanosheets for flexible dendrite-free hybrid Al-Li-ion batteries with excellent cycling performanceGong, Xuefei; Chen, Jingwei; Li, Shaohui; Mohrhusen, Lars; Al-Shamery, Katharina; Lee, Pooi See
2019Water‐processable, stretchable, self‐healable, thermally stable, and transparent ionic conductors for actuators and sensorsLee, Junwoo; Tan, Matthew Wei Ming; Parida, Kaushik; Thangavel, Gurunathan; Park, Sang Ah; Park, Taiho; Lee, Pooi See
2010Wide-bandgap Zn2GeO4 nanowire networks as efficient ultraviolet photodetectors with fast response and recovery timeYan, Chaoyi; Singh, Nandan; Lee, Pooi See
 2022Wide-spectrum modulated electrochromic smart windows based on MnO₂/PB filmsMa, Dongyun; Eh, Alice Lee-Sie; Cao, Sheng; Lee, Pooi See; Wang, Jinmin
2021Zinc‐ion hybrid supercapacitors : progress and future perspectiveGong, Xuefei; Chen, Jingwei; Lee, Pooi See