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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Assessing changes in knowledge, attitude and practices on dengue diagnosis and management among primary care physicians after the largest dengue epidemic in SingaporePang, Junxiong; Hildon, Zoe Jane-Lara; Thein, Tun Linn; Jin, Jing; Leo, Yee Sin
2014Clinical evaluation of a low cost, in-house developed real-time RT-PCR human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) quantitation assay for HIV-1 infected patientsKaur, Palvinder; Khong, Wei Xin; Wee, Sue Yuen; Tan, Eng Lee; Pipper, Juergen; Koay, Evelyn; Ng, Kah Ying; Yap, Joe Kwan; Chew, Kuan Kiat; Tan, Mei Ting; Leo, Yee Sin; Inoue, Masafumi; Ng, Oon Tek
2018Correlation of clinical illness with viremia in Zika virus disease during an outbreak in SingaporeNg, Deborah H. L.; Ho, Hanley J.; Chow, Angela; Wong, Joshua; Kyaw, Win Mar; Tan, Adriana; Chia, Po Ying; Choy, Chiaw Yee; Tan, Glorijoy; Yeo, Tsin Wen; Leo, Yee Sin
2018Cross-reactivity and anti-viral function of dengue capsid and NS3-specific memory T cells toward Zika virusLye, David Chienboon; Lim, Mei Qiu; Kumaran, Emmanuelle A. P.; Tan, Hwee Cheng; Leo, Yee Sin; Ooi, Eng Eong; MacAry, Paul A.; Bertoletti, Antonio; Rivino, Laura
2014Dengue Serotype Cross-Reactive, Anti-E Protein Antibodies Confound Specific Immune Memory for 1 Year after InfectionToh, Ying Xiu; Gan, Victor; Balakrishnan, Thavamalar; Zuest, Roland; Poidinger, Michael; Wilson, Solomonraj; Appanna, Ramapraba; Thein, Tun Linn; Ong, Adrian Kheng-Yeow; Ng, Lee Ching; Leo, Yee Sin; Fink, Katja
2017Diabetes, cardiac disorders and asthma as risk factors for severe organ involvement among adult dengue patients: A matched case-control studyPang, Junxiong; Hsu, Jung Pu; Yeo, Tsin Wen; Leo, Yee Sin; Lye, David Chien Boon
2018Differences in clinical features and dengue severity between local and migrant Chinese with dengue infection in SingaporeXu, Chuanhui; Pang, Junxiong; Hsu, Jung Pu; Leo, Yee Sin; Lye, David Chien Boon
2020Efficacy and safety of abacavir/lamivudine plus rilpivirine as a first-line regimen in treatment-naïve HIV-1 infected adultsHo, Sharlene; Wong, Joshua Guoxian; Ng, Oon Tek; Lee, Cheng Chuan; Leo, Yee Sin; Lye, David Chien Boon; Wong, Chen Seong
2019Factors associated with hepatitis B and C co-Infection among HIV-infected patients in Singapore, 2006 – 2017Choy, Chiaw Yee; Ang, Li Wei; Ng, Oon Tek; Leo, Yee Sin; Wong, Chen Seong
2018Hyperlipidemia, statin use and dengue severityChia, Po Ying; Htun, Htet Lin; Ling, Wei Ping; Leo, Yee Sin; Yeo, Tsin Wen; Lye, David Chien Boon
2017The immune response to 6-monthly versus annual standard dose inactivated trivalent influenza vaccination in older people: study protocol for a randomised clinical trialYoung, Barnaby; Sadarangani, Sapna; Yew, Haur Sen; Yung, Chee Fu; Leo, Yee Sin; Chen, Mark I-Cheng; Wilder-Smith, Annelies
2020Imported monkeypox, SingaporeYong, Sarah Ee Fang; Ng, Oon Tek; Ho, Marc Zheng Jie; Mak, Tze Minn; Marimuthu, Kalisvar; Vasoo, Shawn; Yeo, Tsin Wen; Ng, Yi Kai; Cui, Lin; Ferdous, Zannatul; Chia, Po Ying; Aw, Bryan Jun Wei; Manauis, Charmaine Malenab; Low, Constance Khia Ki; Chan, Guanhao; Peh, Xinyi; Lim, Poh Lian; Chow, Angela Li Ping; Chan, Monica; Lee, Vernon Jian Ming; Lin, Raymond Tzer Pin; Heng, Derrick Mok Kwee; Leo, Yee Sin
2016Low antibody titers five years after vaccination with the CYD-TDV dengue vaccine in both pre-immune and naïve vaccineesVelumani, Sumathy; Toh, Ying Xiu; Balasingam, Shobana; Archuleta, Sophia; Leo, Yee Sin; Gan, Victor C.; Thein, Tun Linn; Wilder-Smith, Annelies; Fink, Katja
2018Metformin use and severe dengue in diabetic adultsLye, David Chien; Htun, Htet Lin; Yeo, Tsin Wen; Tam, Clarence C.; Pang, Junxiong; Leo, Yee Sin
2019Molecular insights into evolution, mutations and receptor-binding specificity of influenza A and B viruses from outpatients and hospitalized patients in SingaporeIvan, Fransiskus Xaverius; Zhou, Xinrui; Lau, Suk Hiang; Rashid, Shamima; Teo, Jasmine S. M.; Lee, Hong Kai; Koay, Evelyn S.; Chan, Kwai Peng; Leo, Yee Sin; Chen, Mark I. Cheng; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Chow, Vincent T.
2019Passive immune therapy and other immunomodulatory agents for the treatment of severe influenza : systematic review and meta-analysisLim, Vanessa W. X.; Tudor Car, Lorainne; Leo, Yee Sin; Chen, Mark I-Cheng; Young, Barnaby
2017Progress and Challenges towards Point-of-Care Diagnostic Development for DenguePang, Junxiong; Chia, Po Ying; Lye, David Chienboon; Leo, Yee Sin
2017Results from a patient-based health education intervention in reducing antibiotic use for acute upper respiratory tract infections in the private sector primary care setting in SingaporeLee, Magdalene Hui Min; Pan, Darius Shaw Teng; Huang, Joyce Huixin; Chen, Mark I-Cheng; Chong, Joash Wen Chen; Goh, Ee Hui; Jiang, Lili; Leo, Yee Sin; Lee, Tau Hong; Wong, Chia Siong; Loh, Victor Weng Keong; Lim, Fong Seng; Poh, Adrian Zhongxian; Tham, Tat Yean; Wong, Wei Mon; Yu, Yue
2012Ultrasensitive cDNA detection of dengue virus RNA using electrochemical nanoporous membrane-based biosensorRai, Varun; Hapuarachchi, Hapuarachchige C.; Ng, Lee Ching; Soh, Siew Hwa; Leo, Yee Sin; Toh, Chee-Seng
2018Viral and antibody kinetics, and mosquito infectivity of an imported case of Zika fever due to Asian genotype (American strain) in SingaporeTan, Cheong Huat; Tan, Li Kiang; Hapuarachchi, Hapuarachchige Chanditha; Lai, Yee Ling; Wong, Pei Sze Jeslyn; Mak, Keng Wai; Yap, Grace; Wong, Wing Yan; Leo, Yee Sin; Wong, Mei Chun; Ng, Lee Ching