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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2017Received signal strength based indoor positioning using a random vector functional link networkCui, Wei; Zhang, Le; Li, Bing; Guo, Jing; Meng, Wei; Wang, Haixia; Xie, Lihua
2014Reliability assessment of damaged RC moment-resisting frame against progressive collapse under dynamic loading conditionsSengupta, Piyali; Huang, Zhiwei; Li, Bing
2012Residual axial capacity of reinforced concrete columns with simulated blast damageLi, Bing; Nair, Anand; Kai, Qian
2014Residual resistance of impact-damaged reinforced concrete beamsAdhikary, Satadru Das; Li, Bing; Fujikake, Kazunori
2008Residual strength of blast damaged reinforced concrete columnBao, Xiaoli
2009Residual strength of blast damaged reinforced concrete columnsBao, Xiaoli; Li, Bing
2016Resilience of Flat Slab Structures in Different Phases of Progressive CollapseQian, Kai; Li, Bing
 2013Retrofitting earthquake-damaged RC structural walls with openings by externally bonded FRP strips and sheetsLi, Bing; Qian, Kai; Tran, Cao Thanh Ngoc
2009Seismic behavior of nonseismically detailed interior beam-wide column and beam-wall connectionsLi, Bing; Pan, Tso-Chien; Tran, Cao Thanh Ngoc
2003Seismic behavior of nonseismically detailed interior beam-wide column joints—Part II : theoretical comparisons and analytical studiesLi, Bing; Wu, Yiming; Pan, Tso-Chien
2013Seismic behavior of reinforced concrete columns with light transverse reinforcement under different lateral loading directionsPham, Thanh Phuong; Li, Bing
2015Seismic behaviour of lightly reinforced concrete structural walls with openingsLi, Bing; Pan, Zuanfeng; Zhao, Yiwen
2017Seismic behaviour of non-rectangular structural RC wall in the weak axisZhang, Zhongwen; Li, Bing
2002Seismic behaviour of non-seismically detailed interior beam-wide column joints; part I : experimental results and observed behaviorLi, Bing; Wu, Yiming; Pan, Tso-Chien
2015Seismic Performance Assessment of L-Shaped Reinforced Concrete ColumnsPham, Thanh Phuong; Li, Bing
2018Seismic performance of flexural reinforced concrete columns with corroded reinforcementVu, Ngoc Son; Li, Bing
2012Seismic performance of lightly reinforced concrete exterior beam-column jointsLi, Bing; Imran, Iswandi; Meas, Kimreth
2018Seismic performance of RC short columns with light transverse reinforcementTran, Cao Thanh Ngoc; Li, Bing
2014Seismic performance of reinforced concrete columns with plain longitudinal reinforcing barsPham, Thanh Phuong; Li, Bing
2009Seismic performance of strengthened reinforced concrete beam-column joints using FRP compositesLi, Bing; Chua, Grace Hui Ying