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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Probabilistic response evaluation for RC flexural members subjected to blast loadingsRong, Hai-Cheng.; Li, Bing.
2012Re-evaluation of CEB-FIP 90 prediction models for creep and shrinkage with experimental databaseLu, Zhitao.; Pan, Zuanfeng.; Li, Bing.
2008Reinforced concrete beam analysis supplementing concrete contribution in truss modelsLi, Bing.; Tran, Cao Thanh Ngoc.
2010Residual axial compression capacity of localized blast-damaged RC columnsWu, Ke-Chiang.; Li, Bing.; Tsai, Keh-Chyuan.
2000Risk management international construction joint venturesLi, Bing.
2009Seismic behavior of reinforced concrete interior wide-beam column jointsKulkarni, Sudhakar A.; Li, Bing.
2009Seismic behaviour of reinforced concrete beam-column joints with vertical distributed reinforcementLi, Bing.; Tran, Cao Thanh Ngoc.
2010Seismic behaviour of reinforced concrete exterior wide beam-column jointsLi, Bing.; Kulkarni, Sudhakar A.
2009Seismic performance of precast hybrid-steel concrete connectionsLi, Bing.; Kulkarni, Sudhakar A.; Leong, Chee Lai.
2001Stress-strain behavior of high-strength concrete confined by ultra-high- and normal-strength transverse reinforcementsLi, Bing.; Park, R.; Tanaka, H.
2004A study and comparison of adaptive beamforming algorithmsLi, Bing.
2012Truss-arch model for shear strength of shear-critical reinforced concrete columnsPan, Zuanfeng.; Li, Bing.
 2013Ultimate displacement of reinforced concrete columns with light transverse reinforcementTran, Cao Thanh Ngoc.; Li, Bing.