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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Enzymatic glucose biosensor based on ZnO nanorod array grown by hydrothermal decompositionLei, Y.; Cai, X. P.; Li, Chang Ming; Dong, Zhili; Huang, W.; Wang, J. X.; Wei, A.; Sun, Xiaowei
 2012Excitonic properties of graphene-based materialsWang, Min; Li, Chang Ming
 2011Fabrication of Co3O4-reduced graphene oxide scrolls for high-performance supercapacitor electrodesZhou, Weiwei; Liu, Jinping; Chen, Tao; Tan, Kim Seng; Jia, Xingtao; Luo, Zhiqiang; Cong, Chunxiao; Yang, Huanping; Li, Chang Ming; Yu, Ting
 2012Functionalization of SnO2 photoanode through Mg-doping and TiO2-coating to synergically boost dye-sensitized solar cell performancePang, Hongchang; Yang, Hongbin; Guo, Chun Xian; Li, Chang Ming
 2012A grapheme-cobalt oxide based needle electrode for non-enzymatic glucose detection in micro-dropletsWang, Xuewan; Dong, Xiaochen; Wen, Yanqin; Xiong, Qihua; Chen, Peng; Li, Chang Ming
 2013Graphene quantum dots as a green sensitizer to functionalize ZnO nanowire arrays on F-doped SnO2 glass for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splittingGuo, Chun Xian; Dong, Yongqiang; Li, Chang Ming; Yang, Hongbin
 2013Graphene quantum dots-incorporated cathode buffer for improvement of inverted polymer solar cellsLi, Chang Ming; Yang, Hong Bin; Wang, Xizu; Khoo, Si Yun; Liu, Bin; Dong, Yong Qian
 2012Graphene-Pt\ITO counter electrode to significantly reduce Pt loading and enhance charge transfer for high performance dye-sensitized solar cellGuai, Guan Hong; Song, Qun Liang; Guo, Chun Xian; Lu, Zhisong; Chen, Tao; Ng, Chee Mang; Li, Chang Ming
 2012Graphene/carbon cloth anode for high-performance mediatorless microbial fuel cellsSong, Hao; Li, Chang Ming; Liu, Jing; Qiao, Yan; Guo, Chun Xian; Lim, Sierin
 2011A hierarchically nanostructured composite of MnO2/conjugated polymer/graphene for high-performance lithium ion batteriesGuo, Chun Xian; Wang, Min; Chen, Tao; Lou, David Xiong Wen; Li, Chang Ming
2010High-performance biofuel cell made with hydrophilic ordered mesoporous carbon as electrode materialGuo, Chun Xian; Hu, Feng Ping; Lou, David Xiong Wen; Li, Chang Ming
 2012High-performance inkjet printed carbon nanotube thin film transistors with high-k HfO2 dielectric on plastic substrateLee, Chun Wei; Raman Pillai, Suresh Kumar; Luan, Xuena; Wang, Yilei; Li, Chang Ming; Chan-Park, Mary B.
 2013Highly sensitive detection of hydrogen peroxide at a carbon nanotube fiber microelectrode coated with palladium nanoparticlesLiu, Yang; Sun, Gengzhi; Jiang, Chunbo; Zheng, Xin Ting; Zheng, Lianxi; Li, Chang Ming
 2012Hydrophilic porous carbon with tailored nanostructure and its sensitive hydrogen peroxide biosensorBao, Shu Juan; Guo, Chun Xian; Li, Chang Ming
2006Impact of programming mechanisms on the performance and reliability of nonvolatile memory devices based on Si nanocrystalsNg, Chi Yung; Chen, Tupei; Yang, Ming; Yang, Jian Bo; Ding, Liang; Li, Chang Ming; Du, A.; Trigg, Alastair David
 2012Improved utilization of photogenerated charge using fluorine-doped TiO2 hollow spheres scattering layer in dye-sensitized solar cellsWong, C. C.; Song, Junling; Yang, Hongbin; Wang, Xiu; Khoo, Si Yun; Liu, Xue-Wei; Li, Chang Ming
 2012In situ synthesized heteropoly acid/polyaniline/graphene nanocomposites to simultaneously boost both double layer- and pseudo-capacitance for supercapacitorsCui, Zhiming; Guo, Chun Xian; Yuan, Weiyong; Li, Chang Ming
 2012Increasing intracellular releasable electrons dramatically enhances bioelectricity output in microbial fuel cellsYong, Yang-Chun; Yu, Yang-Yang; Yang, Yun; Li, Chang Ming; Jiang, Rongrong; Wang, Xin; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Song, Hao
 2012Interface functionalization of photoelectrodes with graphene for high performance dye-sensitized solar cellsChen, Tao; Hu, Weihua; Song, Junling; Guai, Guan Hong; Li, Chang Ming
 2012Mechanism for dimethylformamide-treatment of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) : poly(styrene sulfonate) layer to enhance short circuit current of polymer solar cellsGong, Cheng; Yang, Hongbin; Song, Qun Liang; Lu, Zhisong; Li, Chang Ming