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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013P53 gene targeting by homologous recombination in fish ES cellsYan, Yan; Hong, Ni; Chen, Tiansheng; Li, Mingyou; Wang, Tiansu; Guan, Guijun; Qiao, Yongkang; Chen, Songlin; Schartl, Manfred; Hong, Yunhan; Li, Chang Ming
 2012Protein-directed in situ synthesis of gold nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide modified electrode for nonenzymatic glucose sensingLiu, Yang; Dong, Yongqiang; Guo, Chun Xian; Cui, Zhiming; Zheng, Lianxi; Li, Chang Ming
 2014Rational design of triphenylamine dyes for highly efficient p-type dye sensitized solar cellsZhu, Linna; Yang, Hong Bin; Zhong, Cheng; Li, Chang Ming
 2012Reply to comment on “one-step and high yield simultaneous preparation of single- and multi-layer graphene quantum dots from CX-72 carbon black”Dong, Yongqiang; Guo, Chun Xian; Chi, Yuwu; Li, Chang Ming
 2012RGD-peptide functionalized graphene biomimetic live-cell sensor for real-time detection of nitric oxide moleculesKhoo, Si Yun; Zheng, Xin Ting; Chen, Peng; Li, Chang Ming; Guo, Chun Xian; Ng, Shu Rui
 2012Seed-assisted synthesis of highly ordered TiO2@α-Fe2O3 core/shell arrays on carbon textiles for lithium-ion battery applicationsLuo, Yongsong; Luo, Jingshan; Jiang, Jian; Zhou, Weiwei; Yang, Huanping; Qi, Xiaoying; Zhang, Hua; Fan, Hong Jin; Yu, Denis Yau Wai; Li, Chang Ming; Yu, Ting
 2012Self-assembly of well-ordered whisker-like manganese oxide arrays on carbon fiber paper and its application as electrode material for supercapacitorsLuo, Yongsong; Jiang, Jian; Zhou, Weiwei; Yang, Huanping; Luo, Jingshan; Qi, Xiaoying; Zhang, Hua; Li, Chang Ming; Yu, Ting; Yu, Denis Yau Wai
 2012Single cell analysis at the nanoscaleZheng, Xin Ting; Li, Chang Ming
 2009Solution-processable barium titanate and strontium titanate nanoparticle dielectrics for low-voltage organic thin-film transistorsChan-Park, Mary B.; Cai, Qin Jia; Gan, Ye; Yang, Hongbin; Lu, Zhisong; Li, Chang Ming; Guo, Jun; Dong, Zhili
 2012Stimuli-free reversible and controllable loading and release of proteins under physiological conditions by exponentially growing nanoporous multilayered structureYuan, Weiyong; Lu, Zhisong; Wang, Huili; Li, Chang Ming
 2012Sulfur-doped nickel oxide thin film as an alternative to Pt for dye-sensitized solar cell counter electrodesLi, Chang Ming; Guai, Guan Hong; Leiw, Ming Yian; Ng, Chee Mang
 2007Synthesis and electrical transport of novel channel-structured β-AgVO3Bao, Shu Juan; Bao, Qiaoliang; Li, Chang Ming; Chen, Tupei; Sun, Changqing; Dong, Zhili; Gan, Ye; Zhang, Jun
 2012Synthesis of a MnO2–graphene foam hybrid with controlled MnO2 particle shape and its use as a supercapacitor electrodeDong, Xiaochen; Wang, Xuewan; Wang, Jing; Song, Hao; Li, Xingao; Wang, Lianhui; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Li, Chang Ming; Chen, Peng
 2017Synthesis of Cobalt Phosphide Nanoparticles Supported on Pristine Graphene by Dynamically Self-Assembled Graphene Quantum Dots for Hydrogen EvolutionWang, Xiaoyan; Yuan, Weiyong; Yu, Yanan; Li, Chang Ming
 2010Synthesis, characterization, and lithium storage capability of AMoO4 (A = Ni, Co) nanorodsXiao, Wei; Chen, Jun Song; Li, Chang Ming; Xu, Rong; Lou, David Xiong Wen
 2012Tailor and functionalize TiO2 compact layer by acid treatment for high performance dye-sensitized solar cell and its enhancement mechanismGuai, Guan Hong; Song, Qun Liang; Lu, Zhisong; Ng, Chee Mang; Li, Chang Ming
 2013Template-free bottom-up synthesis of yolk–shell vanadium oxide as high performance cathode for lithium ion batteriesPang, Hongchang; Cheng, Peng; Yang, Hongbin; Lu, Jinlin; Guo, Chun Xian; Ning, Guiling; Li, Chang Ming
 2013Template-mediated growth of microsphere, microbelt and nanorod α-MoO3 structures and their high pseudo-capacitancesCui, Zhiming; Yuan, Weiyong; Li, Chang Ming
 2013Thermally treated 3-D nanostructured graphene-supported Pd catalyst for significantly improved electrocatalytic performance towards ethanol electrooxidationWu, Li Juan; Wang, Yi; Wang, Yan Ping; Du, Xuan; Wang, Fang; Gao, Yi Ying; Qi, Tao; Li, Chang Ming
 2012Thermoelectric Bi2Te3-improved charge collection for high-performance dye-sensitized solar cellsChen, Tao; Guai, Guan Hong; Gong, Cheng; Hu, Weihua; Zhu, Jinxin; Yang, Hongbin; Yan, Qingyu; Li, Chang Ming