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 2018Co-synthesis of CuO-ZnO nanoflowers by low voltage liquid plasma discharge with brass electrodeLi, Chaojiang; Cao, Xun; Li, W. H.; Zhang, Bowei; Xiao, Longqiang
 2021Cobalt tungsten phosphide with tunable W-doping as highly efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reactionZhang, Bowei; Li, Chaojiang; Hu, Jun; Peng, Dongdong; Huang, Kang; Wu, Junsheng; Chen, Zhong; Huang, Yizhong
 2019Extraordinary catalysis induced by titanium foil cathode plasma for degradation of water pollutantLi, Chaojiang; Rao, Yuhan; Zhang, Bowei; Huang, Kang; Cao, Xun; Peng, Dongdong; Wu, Junsheng; Xiao, Longqiang; Huang, Yizhong
 2021Flexible Au micro-array electrode with atomic-scale Au thin film for enhanced ethanol oxidation reactionCao, Xun; Peng, Dongdong; Wu, Cao; He, Yongmin; Li, Chaojiang; Zhang, Bowei; Han, Changcun; Wu, Junsheng; Liu, Zheng; Huang, Yizhong
 2017Phase controllable fabrication of zinc cobalt sulfide hollow polyhedra as high-performance electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reactionZhang, Bowei; Yang, Guang; Li, Chaojiang; Huang, Kang; Wu, Junsheng; Hao, Shiji; Feng, Jianyong; Peng, Dongdong; Huang, Yizhong
 2018Self-assembled Cu-Ni bimetal oxide 3D in-plane epitaxial structures for highly efficient oxygen evolution reactionLi, Chaojiang; Zhang, Bowei; Li, Yong; Hao, Shiji; Cao, Xun; Yang, Guang; Wu, Junsheng; Huang, Yizhong