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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018Phase-field model for liquid–solid phase transition of physical hydrogel in an ionized environment subject to electro–chemo–thermo–mechanical coupled fieldWu, Tao; Li, Hua
2018Predictive models for fatigue property of laser powder bed fusion stainless steel 316LZhang, Meng; Sun, Chen-Nan; Zhang, Xiang; Wei, Jun; Hardacre, David; Li, Hua
 2018Random forest based thermal comfort prediction from gender-specific physiological parameters using wearable sensing technologyZhai, Deqing; Soh, Yeng Chai; Li, Hua; Xie, Lihua; Chaudhuri, Tanaya
2020Recent advances in organic‐based materials for resistive memory applicationsLi, Yang; Qian, Qingyun; Zhu, Xiaolin; Li, Yujia; Zhang, Mayue; Li, Jingni; Ma, Chunlan; Li, Hua; Lu, Jianmei; Zhang, Qichun
2018Review of fatigue fracture behaviours of materials made by laser powder bed fusionWei, Jun; Zhang, Xiang; Zhang, Meng; Li, Hua; Sun, Chen-Nan; Hardacre, David
2018Review of machine learning applications in powder bed fusion technology for part productionHuang, De Jun; Li, Hua
2016Review Of The Fatigue Performance Of Stainless Steel 316L Parts Manufactured By Selective Laser MeltingZhang, Meng; Li, Hua; Zhang, Xiang; Hardacre, David
2018Robust fuzzy model predictive control of discrete-time Takagi–Sugeno systems with nonlinear local modelsTeng, Long; Wang, Youyi; Cai, Wenjian; Li, Hua
2016Robust model predictive control for discrete T-S fuzzy systems with nonlinear local modelsTeng, Long; Wang, Youyi; Cai, Wenjian; Li, Hua
 2017Thermal comfort prediction using normalized skin temperature in a uniform built environmentChaudhuri, Tanaya; Zhai, Deqing; Soh, Yeng Chai; Li, Hua; Xie, Lihua
 2014Two-dimensional numerical modeling for separation of deformable cells using dielectrophoresisYe, Ting; Li, Hua; Lam, K. Y.