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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000On the performance of a higher order alphabet size in CDMALim, Beng Heng.
 2012Performance analysis of a suboptimum fast frequency-hopped/M-ary frequency-shift-keying maximum-likelihood receiver over Rician-fading channels with composite effects of partial-band noise jamming and multitone jammingLi, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan; Le, Ly-Minh-Duy.
1994Performance analysis of a trellis coded modulation spread spectrum systemPhoa, Ngee Kiat.
 2012Performance analysis of orthogonal space-time block code with minimum-selection generalized selection combining receiver over rayleigh fadingTan, Beng Soon; Li, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan
 2012Performance analysis of synchronous FFH-MA systems with ML receiver over frequency-selective Rayleigh-fading channelsLi, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan; Le, Ly-Minh-Duy.
2002Performance enhancement for cellular CDMA with smart antennasYang, Guang
 2012Performance evaluation of maximum-likelihood page detection for 2-D interference channelLi, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan; Yao, Jun.
2013Performance studies on broadcast channelSun, Jie
 2012Performance study of transmit antenna selection with switch-and-examine combining over rayleigh fadingTeh, Kah Chan; Tan, Beng Soon; Li, Kwok Hung
2018Physical layer security in heterogeneous networks with pilot attack : a stochastic geometry approachWang, Wei; Teh, Kah Chan; Luo, Sheng; Li, Kwok Hung
2000Principles and applications of iterative decodingChew, Kian Chong.
1996Rejection of interference in spread-spectrum systems using prediction filtersHo, Lye Guen.
2014A semidefinite relaxation approach for beamforming in cooperative clustered multicell systems with novel limited feedback schemeZhang, Zhiyu; Teh, Kah Chan; Li, Kwok Hung
1999Signature sequence for DS-CDMA cellular systemChen, Jie.
1998Simulation for cellular DS CDMAYam, Chee Keong
1999Study of wireless local loop and its standardsJeevarathinam Ravikumar
1997TCM codes for spread spectrum communication systemsChoo, Tze Peng.
 2013Transmit antenna selection systems : A performance comparison of different types of receiver schemesTan, Beng Soon; Li, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan
1999User interactive simulation of GPS and differential GPS solutionsGoh, Hoh Chee.
 2012Wafer-level hermetic packaging of 3D microsystems with low-temperature Cu-to-Cu thermo-compression bonding and its reliabilityPeng, L.; Fan, Ji; Li, Kwok Hung; Tan, Chuan Seng