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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Design and implementation of an identification system in construction site safety for proactive accident preventionYang, Huanjia; Wu, Weiwei; Zhou, Zhipeng; Li, Qiming; Chew, David Ah Seng
 2012An integrated information management model for proactive prevention of struck-by-falling-object accidents on construction sitesWu, Weiwei; Yang, Huanjia; Li, Qiming; Chew, David Ah Seng
 2022Probabilistic classification criterion for failure modes of reinforced concrete columnsYu, Bo; Yu, Zecheng; Li, Bing; Li, Qiming; Ning, Chaolie
2014A real-time recording model of key indicators for energy consumption and carbon emissions of sustainable buildingsWu, Weiwei; Yang, Huanjia; Hou, Yanhong; Li, Qiming; Chew, David Ah Seng