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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Conformation-dependent DNA attractionNordenskiöld, Lars; Zhou, Ruhong; Mu, Yuguang; Li, Weifeng
 2012Dissociation of hydrophobic and charged nano particles in aqueous guanidinium chloride and urea solutions : a molecular dynamics studyLi, Weifeng; Mu, Yuguang
2013Molecular dynamics simulation studies of salting effects and ion-mediated molecular interactionsLi, Weifeng
2019The necessity of d-Thr in the new antibiotic teixobactin : a molecular dynamics studyLiu, Yang ; Li, Weifeng; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Mu, Yuguang
2021OnionNet-2: a convolutional neural network model for predicting protein-ligand binding affinity based on residue-atom contacting shellsWang, Zechen; Zheng, Liangzhen; Liu, Yang; Qu, Yuanyuan; Li, Yong-Qiang; Zhao, Mingwen; Mu, Yuguang; Li, Weifeng
2018Optimization of replica exchange temperature ladder under the well-tempered ensembleLiu, Yang; Li, Weifeng; Mu, Yuguang
 2012Salting effects on protein components in aqueous NaCl and urea solutions : toward understanding of urea-induced protein denaturationMu, Yuguang; Li, Weifeng; Zhou, Ruhong
2015Transfer Effect of Speech-sound Learning on Auditory-motor Processing of Perceived Vocal Pitch ErrorsChen, Zhaocong; Jones, Jeffery A.; Li, Weifeng; Liu, Peng; Chen, Xi; Liu, Hanjun; Wong, Francis Chun Kit