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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Observer based adaptive control for optical manipulation of cellLi, X.; Cheah, Chien Chern
2012Observer based adaptive control for optical manipulation of cellCheah, Chien Chern; Li, X.
2020On the glacial-interglacial variability of the Asian monsoon in speleothem δ18O recordsLiu, Guangxin; Li, X.; Chiang, Hong-Wei; Cheng, H.; Yuan, S.; Chawchai, S.; He, S.; Lu, Yanbin; Aung, Lin Thu; Maung, P. M.; Tun, W. N.; Oo, K. M.; Wang, Xianfeng
2013Overexpression of 4EBP1, p70S6K, Akt1 or Akt2 differentially promotes Coxsackievirus B3-induced apoptosis in HeLa cellsXing, X.; Huang, L.; Li, X.; Li, Z.; Zhou, W.; Tian, L.; Chen, J.; Chen, C.; Ma, Xing; Yang, Z.
 2011Rapid light output degradation of GaN-based packaged LED in the early stage of humidity testChen, B. K.; Li, X.; Tan, Cher Ming; Chen, Sihan Joseph
2013Simple PD control scheme for robotic manipulation of biological cellCheah, Chien Chern; Li, X.; Yan, X.; Sun, D.
2013Uncalibrated vision-based control for optical manipulation of microscopic particlesLi, X.; Cheah, Chien Chern
2012Vertical silicon nanowire platform for low power electronics and clean energy applicationsKwong, Dim Lee; Sun, Yuan; Singh, Navab; Lo, Guo-Qing; Li, X.; Ramanathan, G.; Chen, Z. X.; Wong, S. M.; Li, Y.; Shen, N. S.; Buddharaju, K.; Yu, Y. H.; Lee, S. J.