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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Remote control and wireless data transfer for ground penetration radar operationLi, Yan
2018Reversible natural language watermarking using synonym substitution and arithmetic codingHao, Wei; Xiang, Lingyun; Li, Yan; Yang, Peng; Shen, Xiaobo
2016Secondary Structure and Membrane Topology of the Full-Length Dengue Virus NS4B in MicellesLi, Yan; Wong, Ying Lei; Lee, Michelle Yueqi; Li, Qingxin; Wang, Qing-Yin; Lescar, Julien; Shi, Pei-Yong; Kang, CongBao
2012Selectivity of stop codon recognition in translation termination is modulated by multiple conformations of GTS loop in eRF1Li, Yan; Pillay, Shubhadra; Frolova, Ludmila; Pervushin, Konstantin; Wong, Leo E.
2016Structural characterization of eRF1 mutants indicate a complex mechanism of stop codon recognitionPillay, Shubhadra; Li, Yan; Wong, Leo E; Pervushin, Konstantin
 2018Structural insights into the inhibition of Zika virus NS2B-NS3 protease by a small-molecule inhibitorLi, Yan; Zhang, Zhenzhen; Phoo, Wint Wint; Loh, Ying Ru; Li, Rong; Yang, Hai Yan; Jansson, Anna E.; Hill, Jeffrey; Keller, Thomas H.; Nacro, Kassoum; Luo, Dahai; Kang, CongBao
2018Structural model of the SARS coronavirus E channel in LMPG micellesSurya, Wahyu; Li, Yan; Torres, Jaume
2014Structure of a conserved Golgi complex-targeting signal in coronavirus envelope proteinsLi, Yan; Surya, Wahyu; Claudine, Stephanie; Torres, Jaume
2016Structure of the NS2B-NS3 protease from Zika virus after self-cleavagePhoo, Wint Wint; Li, Yan; Zhang, Zhenzhen; Lee, Michelle Yueqi; Loh, Ying Ru; Tan, Yaw Bia; Ng, Elizabeth Yihui; Lescar, Julien; Kang, CongBao; Luo, Dahai
 2011Synthesis and cytocompatibility of manganese (II) and iron (III) substituted hydroxyapatite nanoparticlesLi, Yan; Widodo, Jasmine; Lim, Sierin; Ooi, Chui Ping
2012Translation termination mechanism studied by solution state NMRLi, Yan