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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Kinetic and metabolic behaviors of aerobic granules developed in sequencing batch reactorsLi, Yong
2016Low temperature micro solid oxide fuel cells with proton-conducting ceramic electrolytesLi, Yong
 2012Lubricant evolution and depletion under laser heating : a molecular dynamics studyLi, Yong; Wong, Chee How; Li, Bei; Yu, Shengkai; Hua, Wei; Zhou, Weidong
 2016Nanoporous palladium anode for direct ethanol solid oxide fuel cells with nanoscale proton-conducting ceramic electrolyteLi, Yong; Wong, Lai Mun; Xie, Hanlin; Wang, Shijie; Su, Pei-Chen
2016Proton-conducting Micro-solid Oxide Fuel Cells with Improved Cathode Reactions by a Nanoscale Thin Film Gadolinium-doped Ceria InterlayerLi, Yong; Wang, Shijie; Su, Pei-Chen
 2016Pulsed laser deposition of Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3−δ thin film cathodes for low temperature solid oxide fuel cellsLi, Yong; Wong, Lai Mun; Yu, Chen-Chiang; Wang, Shijie; Su, Pei-Chen
 2016Pulsed laser deposition of epitaxial MgO buffer layer for proton-conducting ceramic electrolytesLi, Yong; Wong, Lai Mun; Xie, Hanlin; Wang, Shijie; Su, Pei-Chen
2017Rapid thermal processing of chemical-solution-deposited yttrium-doped barium zirconate thin filmsXie, Hanlin; Biswas, Mridula; Fan, Liangdong; Li, Yong; Su, Pei-Chen
 2018Self-assembled Cu-Ni bimetal oxide 3D in-plane epitaxial structures for highly efficient oxygen evolution reactionLi, Chaojiang; Zhang, Bowei; Li, Yong; Hao, Shiji; Cao, Xun; Yang, Guang; Wu, Junsheng; Huang, Yizhong
2005A study on future development of China's textile industry - analysis from structure adjustment of industrial textile produces of HuayuanLi, Yong; Xu, Lixia; Zhou, Zhengsheng
1999Turbo equalization scheme for intersymbol interference channelsLi, Yong