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2002Atomistic simulation of structure and mobility of dislocation in semiconductorChoo, Zhi Min.
2000Characterisation of ion implantation for sub-0.25 micron device manufacturingOng, Kok Keng.
 2012Copper diffusion barrier performance of amorphous Ta-Ni thin filmsYan, Hua; Tay, Yee Yan; Jiang, Yueyue; Yantara, Natalia; Pan, Jisheng; Liang, Meng Heng; Chen, Zhong
2010Correlation between the characteristic green emissions and specific defects of ZnOLiang, Meng Heng; Tay, Yee Yan; Tan, T. T.; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang; Ye, Jun; Zhao, Yang; Norby, T.; Li, Sean
 2011Effect of oxygen concentration on the thermal stability of magnetron sputtered amorphous Ta–Ni thin filmsYan, Hua; Santoso, Raissa Nathania; Jiang, Yueyue; Liang, Meng Heng; Chen, Zhong
2001Electronic/magnetic materials : electrophoretic deposition of advanced ceramicsLiang, Meng Heng; Ma, Jan
1994Injection moulding of tungsten carbide based powderHeng, Poh Chye.