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2014The endoplasmic reticulum stress sensor IRE1α protects cells from apoptosis induced by the coronavirus infectious bronchitis virusLiu, Ding Xiang; Fung, To Sing; Liao, Ying
 2018Identification and application of self-binding zipper-like sequences in SARS-CoV spike proteinZhang, Si Min; Liao, Ying; Neo, Tuan Ling; Lu, Yanning; Liu, Ding Xiang; Vahlne, Anders; Tam, James Pingkwan
2007Molecular studies of the severe acute repiratory syndrome coronavirus envelope proteinLiao, Ying
2016Regulation of Stress Responses and Translational Control by CoronavirusLiao, Ying; Fung, To Sing; Liu, Ding Xiang
2015Tryptophan-dependent membrane interaction and heteromerization with the internal fusion peptide by the membrane proximal external region of SARS-CoV spike proteinLiao, Ying; Zhang, Si Min; Neo, Tuan Ling; Tam, James P.
2008Turning on/off death switch molecule pumaP. Tam, James; Li, Frank Qisheng; Wang, Li; Liao, Ying; Yuan, Quan.
 2013Upregulation of CHOP/GADD153 during coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus infection modulates apoptosis by restricting activation of the extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathwayLiao, Ying; Fung, To Sing; Huang, Mei; Fang, Shouguo; Zhong, Yanxin; Liu, Ding Xiang