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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2010Hysteretic behaviour of square tubular T-joints with chord reinforcement under axial cyclic loadingShao, Yong-Bo; Li, Tao; Lie, Seng Tjhen; Chiew, Sing Ping
2002Model and mesh generation of cracked tubular Y-jointsLie, Seng Tjhen; Lee, Chi King; Wong, S. M.
2017New reduction factor for cracked multi-planar square hollow section TT-, YT- and KT-jointsLie, Seng Tjhen; Vipin, Sukumara Pillai; Li, Tao
 2018A nonlinear multi-spring tire model for dynamic analysis of vehicle-bridge interaction system considering separation and road roughnessZhang, Yao; Zhao, Haisheng; Lie, Seng Tjhen
2004Numerical models verification of cracked tubular T, Y and K-joints under combined loadsLee, Chi King; Lie, Seng Tjhen; Chiew, Sing Ping; Shao, Yongbo
2004On coupling of reproducing kernel particle method and boundary element methodLee, Chi King; Lie, Seng Tjhen; Shuai, Y. Y.
 2018A simple approach for simulating the road surface roughness involved in vehicle-bridge interaction systemsZhang, Yao; Zhao, Hai Sheng; Lie, Seng Tjhen
2001Simulation of 3D fatigue crack propogation in welded T-jointsSun, Shangqing.
2011Stress concentration factor prediction by the multi-dimensional Lagrangian interpolation methodLee, Chi King; Chiew, Sing Ping; Lie, Seng Tjhen; Sopha, T.
2015Stress Intensity Factors of Tubular T/Y-Joints Subjected to Three Basic LoadingLie, Seng Tjhen; Li, Tao; Shao, Y. B.
1996Three-dimensional detailing and scheduling of welded fabricTeoh, Bak Koon.