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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Implementation of optical character recognition (OCR) module on semiconductor etching tools for wafer trackingLai, Yeu Kwong
2004Inclined ultrasonic diamond turning of steelEow, Yeong Taur
1996Integrating JIT with MRPII systemNg, Vincent Vun Shem
1996Investigation into the orientation of free-falling engineering components upon impact with a surfaceLee, Stephen Siang Guan; Lim, Lennie Enk Ng; Lye, Sun Woh; Ngoi, Bryan Kok Ann
1996JIT manufacturing : a case studyGhim, Boey Cheng; Foo, Shar Kee; Tan, Cheng Teck
2003Laser vibrometer using self-compensating system: a novel techniqueLim, Lennie Enk Ng
2002Material capacity planner (MCP): a semiconductor fabrication case studyLoi, Kok Ming
2003Metallic deposition using femtosecond laser-induced foward transfer techniqueToh, Kian Guan
1995A methodology for multiple domain feature mappingLim, Seng San
1993Part I : A programmable feeder for non-rotational parts. Part II : Development of an automated feeding, joint-straightening and assembly system for pen holders. Part III : Development of an automated tube feederChua, Patrick Soon Keong; Lim, Lennie Enk Ng
2000Process of selecting a logistics hubChow, Mark Hsien Yoong
1988Programmable flexible transfer systemLim, Lennie Enk Ng; Ngan, Louis Man To; Lew, Sin Chye
2001Single minute exchange of dies (SMED) : a Singapore company perspectiveChow, Kenneth Heng Kit
2002Sub-micron pit-formation using ultrashort pulsed laserTan, Bo