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2015Electromigration reliability study on copper interconnects under pulsed current conditionsLim, Meng Keong
 2011Experimental characterization and modelling of electromigration lifetime under unipolar pulsed current stressLim, Meng Keong; Lin, Jingyuan; Ee, Elden Yong Chiang; Ng, Chee Mang; Wei, Jun; Gan, Chee Lip
 2012Impact of pre-existing voids on electromigration in copper interconnectsMario, Hendro; Lim, Meng Keong; Gan, Chee Lip
2012Metal electroplating of three dimensional (3D) electrode in electrolyte-less dye sensitized solar cells (ELDSC)Lim, Meng Keong; Jin, Ziyu; Gan, Chee Lip; Leong, Kam Chew; Wong, C. C.; Ong, Duen Yang