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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Imaging modalities to diagnose carotid artery stenosis : progress and prospectSaxena, Ashish; Ng, Eddie Yin Kwee; Lim, Soo Teik
2005Measures and Indices for Intrinsic Characterization of Cardiac Dysfunction during Filling & Systolic EjectionZhong, Liang; Ghista, Dhanjoo N.; Lim, Soo Teik; Chua, Siang Jin; Ng, Yin Kwee
2017Mechanical behavior of polymer-based vs. metallic-based bioresorbable stentsAng, Hui Ying; Huang, Ying Ying; Lim, Soo Teik; Wong, Philip; Joner, Michael; Foin, Nicolas
2005Passive and active ventricular elastances of the left ventricleZhong, Liang; Ghista, Dhanjoo N; Ng, Eddie Yin Kwee; Lim, Soo Teik