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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Graph edit distance reward : learning to edit scene graphChen, Lichang; Lin, Guosheng; Wang, Shijie; Wu, Qingyao
2021Guided Co-segmentation network for fast video object segmentationLiu, Weide; Lin, Guosheng; Zhang, Tianyi; Liu, Zichuan
2022Learning language to symbol and language to vision mapping for visual groundingHe, Su; Yang, Xiaofeng; Lin, Guosheng
 2022Learning structural representations for recipe generation and food retrievalWang, Hao; Lin, Guosheng; Hoi, Steven C. H.; Miao, Chunyan
2018Local fusion networks with chained residual pooling for video action recognitionHe, Feixiang; Liu, Fayao; Yao, Rui; Lin, Guosheng
2018MoNet : deep motion exploitation for video object segmentationXiao, Huaxin; Feng, Jiashi; Lin, Guosheng; Liu, Yu; Zhang, Maojun
 2020Motion context network for weakly supervised object detection in videosJin, Ruibing; Lin, Guosheng; Wen, Changyun; Wang, Jianliang
2020Multi-path region mining for weakly supervised 3D semantic segmentation on point cloudsWei, Jiacheng; Lin, Guosheng; Yap, Kim-Hui; Hung, Tzu-Yi; Xie, Lihua
2022Online active proposal set generation for weakly supervised object detectionJin, Ruibing; Lin, Guosheng; Wen, Changyun
 2022Paired cross-modal data augmentation for fine-grained image-to-text retrievalWang, Hao; Lin, Guosheng; Hoi, Steven C. H.; Miao, Chunyan
2021Progressive self-guided loss for salient object detectionYang, Sheng; Lin, Weisi; Lin, Guosheng; Jiang, Qiuping; Liu, Zichuan
2019Pyramid graph networks with connection attentions for region-based one-shot semantic segmentationZhang, Chi; Lin, Guosheng; Liu, Fayao; Guo, Jiushuang; Wu, Qingyao; Yao, Rui
2019SegEQA : video segmentation based visual attention for embodied question answeringLuo, Haonan; Lin, Guosheng; Liu, Zichuan; Liu, Fayao; Tang, Zhenmin; Yao, Yazhou
2018Semantics-aware visual object trackingShen, Chunhua; Yao, Rui; Lin, Guosheng; Zhang, Yanning; Shi, Qinfeng
2020SpSequenceNet : semantic segmentation network on 4D point cloudsShi, Hanyu; Lin, Guosheng; Wang, Hao; Hung, Tzu-Yi; Wang, Zhenhua
2020Structure-aware generation network for recipe generation from imagesWang, Hao; Lin, Guosheng; Hoi, Steven C. H.; Miao, Chunyan
2017Structured learning of tree potentials in CRF for image segmentationLiu, Fayao; Lin, Guosheng; Qiao, Ruizhi; Shen, Chunhua
 2022Tackling background ambiguities in multi-class few-shot point cloud semantic segmentationLai, Lvlong; Chen, Jian; Zhang, Chi; Zhang, Zehong; Lin, Guosheng; Wu, Qingyao
2019Towards robust curve text detection with conditional spatial expansionLiu, Zichuan; Lin, Guosheng; Yang, Sheng; Liu, Fayao; Lin, Weisi; Goh, Wang Ling
2020TRRNet : tiered relation reasoning for compositional visual question answeringYang, Xiaofeng; Lin, Guosheng; Lv, Fengmao; Liu, Fayao