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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018A new method for the accurate measurement of higher-order frequency response functions of nonlinear structural systemsLin, Rongming; Ng, Yong Teng
 2019New theoretical developments on eigenvector derivatives with repeated eigenvaluesLin, Rongming; Ng, Teng Yong
2019New type of spectral nonlinear resonance enhances identification of weak signalsLin, Rongming; Ng, Teng Yong; Fan, Zheng
2019A non-destructive experimental-cum-numerical methodology for the characterization of 3D-printed materials — polycarbonate-acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (PC-ABS)Yap, Yee Ling; Toh, William; Koneru, Rahul; Lin, Kehua; Yeoh, Kirk Ming; Lim, Chin Mian; Lee, Jia Shing; Nur Adilah Plemping; Lin, Rongming; Ng, Teng Yong; Chan, Ian Keen; Guang, Huanyu; Chan, Brian Wai Yew; Teong, Soo Soon; Zheng, Guoying
 2013Nonlinear structural and vibration analysis of graphene sheetsLin, Rongming
 2018Numerical investigations on an improved counterflow double-channel micro combustor fueled with hydrogen for enhancing thermal performanceZuo, Wei; E, Jiaqiang; Lin, Rongming
 2018Numerical investigations on different configurations of a four-channel meso-scale planar combustor fueled by hydrogen/air mixtureZuo, Wei; E, Jiaqiang; Lin, Rongming; Jin, Yu; Han, Dandan
2018Numerical study of surfactants’ effect in surface agglomeration during 3D nano-inkjet printing by many-body dissipative particle dynamicsAphinyan, Suphanat; Ang, Elisa Yun Mei; Geethalakshmi, K. R.; Yeo, Jingjie; Lin, Rongming; Ng, Teng Yong
 2020Prediction of mistuning effect of bladed disks using eigensensitivity analysisLin, Rongming; Ng, Teng Yong
1996Simulation of measurement uncertainties and their effect on practical applications of test dataLim, Guan Heng.
1997Vibration characteristics study of bladed disk assembliesJiang, Hong