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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Mode-dependent templates and scan order for H.264/AVC-based intra lossless codingGu, Zhouye; Lin, Weisi; Lee, Bu-Sung; Lau, Chiew Tong; Sun, Ming-Ting
 2017Model-based referenceless quality metric of 3D synthesized images using local image descriptionGu, Ke; Jakhetiya, Vinit; Qiao, Jun-Fei; Li, Xiaoli; Lin, Weisi; Thalmann, Daniel
 2017Multiple-level feature-based measure for retargeted image qualityZhang, Yabin; Lin, Weisi; Li, Qiaohong; Cheng, Wentao; Zhang, Xinfeng
 2017No reference quality assessment for screen content images with both local and global feature representationFang, Yuming; Yan, Jiebin; Li, Leida; Wu, Jinjian; Lin, Weisi
 2017No-reference view synthesis quality prediction for 3-D videos based on color-depth interactionsShao, Feng; Yuan, Qizheng; Lin, Weisi; Jiang, Gangyi
 2011Nonintrusive quality assessment of noise suppressed speech with Mel-Filtered energies and support vector regressionNarwaria, Manish; Lin, Weisi; McLoughlin, Ian Vince; Emmanuel, Sabu; Chia, Clement Liang-Tien
 2018A novel distortion criterion of rate-distortion optimization for depth map codingZheng, Ziqi; Huo, Junyan; Li, Bingbing; Yuan, Hui; Lin, Weisi
2017Object Tracking Based on Stable Feature Mining Using Intraframe Clustering and Interframe AssociationLu, Hong; Gu, Ke; Lin, Weisi; Zhang, Wenjun
2020Object-level attention for aesthetic rating distribution predictionHou, Jingwen; Yang, Sheng; Lin, Weisi
 2016Objective quality assessment and perceptual compression of screen content imagesWang, Shiqi; Gu, Ke; Zeng, Kai; Wang, Zhou; Lin, Weisi
 2017On creating low dimensional 3D feature descriptors with PCAPrakhya, Sai Manoj; Liu, Bingbing; Lin, Weisi; Li, Kun; Xiao, Yong
 2017Optimal region selection for stereoscopic video subtitle insertionYue, Guanghui; Hou, Chunping; Lei, Jianjun; Fang, Yuming; Lin, Weisi
2017Optimising ensemble combination based on maximisation of diversityMao, Shasha; Lin, Weisi; Chen, Jiawei; Xiong, Lin
 2017Optimizing multistage discriminative dictionaries for blind image quality assessmentJiang, Qiuping; Shao, Feng; Lin, Weisi; Gu, Ke; Jiang, Gangyi; Sun, Huifang
2014Orientation selectivity based structure for texture classificationWu, Jinjian; Lin, Weisi; Shi, Guangming; Zhang, Yazhong; Lu, Liu
 2012An overview of perceptual processing for digital picturesLin, Weisi; Wu, Hong Ren.; Karam, Lina J.
2013Pattern-based video coding with dynamic background modelingPaul, Manoranjan; Lin, Weisi; Lau, Chiew Tong; Lee, Bu-Sung
2002Perceptual distortion analysis for imagesDong, Li
2017Performance Evaluation of Visual Tracking Algorithms on Video Sequences With Quality DegradationFang, Yuming; Yuan, Yuan; Li, Leida; Wu, Jinjian; Lin, Weisi; Li, Zhiqiang
 2017A prediction backed model for quality assessment of screen content and 3-D synthesized imagesJakhetiya, Vinit; Gu, Ke; Lin, Weisi; Li, Qiaohong; Jaiswal, Sunil Prasad