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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Design of an interactive earphone simulator and results from a perceptual experimentLindborg, PerMagnus; Lim, Miracle J Y
2015Interactive Sonification of Weather Data for The Locust Wrath, a Multimedia Dance PerformanceLindborg, PerMagnus
2004“Leçons”: an Approach to a System for Machine Learning, Improvisation and Musical PerformanceLindborg, PerMagnus
2015Locust Wrath: an iOS audience participatory auditory displayLindborg, PerMagnus; Liu, David Yuning
 2011Multi-dimensional spatial sound design for 'On the String'Lindborg, PerMagnus; Koh, Joyce Beetuan
2010Perception of emotion portrayal in cartoons by aurally and visually oriented peopleLindborg, PerMagnus
2016Personality traits bias the perceived quality of sonic environmentsLindborg, PerMagnus; Friberg, Anders
 2013Physiological measures regress onto acoustic and perceptual features of soundscapesLindborg, PerMagnus
2016Porous EmeraldLindborg, PerMagnus
2015Psychoacoustic, physical, and perceptual features of restaurants : a field survey in SingaporeLindborg, PerMagnus
2008Reflections on aspects of music interactivity in performance situationsLindborg, PerMagnus
 2009Singapore voices : (re)(dis)covering the intergenerational distanceLindborg, PerMagnus
2010Singapore voices : an interactive installation about languages to (re)(dis)cover the intergenerational distanceLindborg, PerMagnus
 2014Sound art Singapore : conversation with Pete Kellock, Zul Mahmod and Mark WongLindborg, PerMagnus
 2014Special issue on sound art and interactivity in Singapore : SI13 and MoreLindborg, PerMagnus
2016A taxonomy of sound sources in restaurantsLindborg, PerMagnus