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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Measurement of buried undercut structures in microfluidic devices by laser fluorescent confocal microscopyLi, Shiguang; Liu, Jing; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Fang, Zhong Ping; Yoon, Soon Fatt
 2014A metal-catalyst free flexible and free-standing chitosan/vacuum-stripped graphene/polypyrrole three dimensional electrode interface for high performance dopamine sensingLiu, Jing; He, Ziming; Xue, Jingwen; Tan, Timothy Thatt Yang
2009Motion of a droplet through microfluidic ratchetsLiu, Jing; Yap, Yit Fatt; Nguyen, Nam-Trung
2011Numerical and experimental investigations of the formation process of ferrofluid dropletsLiu, Jing; Tan, Say-Hwa; Yap, Yit Fatt; Ng, Min Yuan; Nguyen, Nam-Trung
2018Numerical investigation of a novel device for bubble generation to reduce ship dragZhang, J.; Yang, S.; Liu, Jing
 2010Numerical simulation of droplet-based microfluidicsLiu, Jing; Nguyen, Nam-Trung
 2011Numerical studies of sessile droplet shape with moving contact linesLiu, Jing; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Yap, Yit Fatt
2011Numerical study of the formation process of ferrofluid dropletsLiu, Jing; Yap, Yit Fatt; Nguyen, Nam-Trung
2020Parallel spatial-temporal self-attention CNN-based motor imagery classification for BCILiu, Xiuling; Shen, Yonglong; Liu, Jing; Yang, Jianli; Xiong, Peng; Lin, Feng
2012PEGylated phospholipid Micelle-encapsulated near-infrared PbS quantum dots for in vitro and in vivo bioimagingReynolds, Jessica L.; Hu, Rui; Law, Wing-Cheung; Lin, Guimiao; Ye, Ling; Liu, Jianwei; Liu, Jing; Yong, Ken-Tye
 2012A pilot study in non-human primates shows no adverse response to intravenous injection of quantum dotsYe, Ling; Yong, Ken-Tye; Liu, Liwei; Roy, Indrajit; Hu, Rui; Zhu, Jing; Cai, Hongxing; Law, Wing-Cheung; Liu, Jianwei; Wang, Kai; Liu, Jing; Liu, Yaqian; Hu, Yazhuo; Zhang, Xihe; Swihart, Mark T.; Prasad, Paras N.
2015Quantifying non-Markovianity for a chromophore-qubit pair in a super-Ohmic bathLiu, Jing; Sun, Kewei; Wang, Xiaoguang; Zhao, Yang
 2018Simulation-based risk analysis of water pollution accidents combining multi-stressors and multi-receptors in a coastal watershedDong, Lei; Liu, Jing; Du, Xi; Dai, Chao; Liu, Renzhi
 2004Six similar sequential ruptures of the San Andreas fault, Carrizo Plain, CaliforniaLiu, Jing; Klinger, Yann; Sieh, Kerry; Rubin, Charles M.
 2003A structural interpretation of the aftershock "cloud" of the 1992 Mw 7.3 Landers earthquakeLiu, Jing; Sieh, Kerry; Hauksson, Egill
 2013Toxicity assessment of phospholipid micelle-encapsulated cadmium-based quantum dots using Kunming miceYong, Ken-Tye; Liu, Jing; Law, Wing-Cheung; Liu, Jianwei; Hu, Rui; Liu, Liwei; Zhu, Jing; Chen, Hongyan; Wang, Jianhua; Hu, Yazhuo; Ye, Ling
 2013Understanding TiO2 size-dependent electron transport properties of a graphene-TiO2 photoanode in dye-sensitized solar cells using conducting atomic force microscopyNguyen, Thuc-Quyen; He, Ziming; Phan, Hung; Liu, Jing; Tan, Thatt Yang Timothy