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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Skeleton-based action recognition using spatio-temporal lstm network with trust gatesLiu, Jun; Shahroudy, Amir; Xu, Dong; Kot, Alex Chichung; Wang, Gang
 2017Skeleton-based human action recognition with global context-aware attention LSTM networksLiu, Jun; Wang, Gang; Duan, Ling-Yu; Abdiyeva, Kamila; Kot, Alex Chichung
2019Skeleton-based human activity understandingLiu, Jun
2013Superplastic-like forming of lightweight alloysLiu, Jun
 2017Template-free synthesis of hierarchical MoO2 multi-shell architectures with improved lithium storage capabilityTang, Shasha; Shen, Chao; Ji, Wenhai; Liu, Jun; Fichou, Denis
2000Texture modeling and pattern analysis using statistical approachLei, Wang.
2001Texture modeling and segmentation towards content-based image retrieval systemDeng, Huawu