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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2013Layer thinning and etching of mechanically exfoliated MoS2 nanosheets by thermal annealing in airWu, Jumiati; Li, Hai; Yin, Zongyou; Li, Hong; Liu, Juqing; Cao, Xiehong; Zhang, Qing; Zhang, Hua
 2013Memory devices using a mixture of MoS2 and graphene oxide as the active layerYin, Zongyou; Zeng, Zhiyuan; Liu, Juqing; He, Qiyuan; Chen, Peng; Zhang, Hua
 2010Multilayer stacked low-temperature-reduced graphene oxide films : preparation, characterization, and application in polymer memory devicesLiu, Juqing; Lin, Zongqiong; Liu, Tianjun; Yin, Zongyou; Zhou, Xiaozhu; Chen, Shufen; Xie, Linghai; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang; Zhang, Hua; Huang, Wei
2013A novel graphene-polysulfide anode material for high-performance lithium-ion batteriesAi, Wei; Xie, Linghai; Du, Zhuzhu; Zeng, Zhiyuan; Liu, Juqing; Zhang, Hua; Huang, Yunhui; Huang, Wei; Yu, Ting
 2012Preparation of MoS2-polyvinylpyrrolidone nanocomposites for flexible nonvolatile rewritable memory devices with reduced graphene oxide electrodesLiu, Juqing; Zeng, Zhiyuan; Cao, Xiehong; Lu, Gang; Wang, Lianhui; Fan, Qu-Li; Huang, Wei; Zhang, Hua
 2013Preparation of weavable, all-carbon fibers for non-volatile memory devicesSun, Geng Zhi; Liu, Juqing; Zheng, Lianxi; Huang, Wei; Zhang, Hua
 2010A rectifying diode with hysteresis effect from an electroactive hybrid of carbazole-functionalized polystyrene with CdTe nanocrystals via electrostatic interactionLiu, Juqing; Qi, Xiaoying; Jiang, Ting; Lin, Zongqiong; Chen, Shufen; Xie, Linghai; Fan, Qu-Li; Ling, Qidan; Zhang, Hua; Huang, Wei
 2014Two-dimensional CuSe nanosheets with microscale lateral size : synthesis and template-assisted phase transformationWu, Xue-Jun; Huang, Xiao; Liu, Juqing; Li, Hai; Yang, Jian; Li, Bing; Huang, Wei; Zhang, Hua
 2014A universal method for preparation of noble metal nanoparticle-decorated transition metal dichalcogenide nanobeltsZhang, Hua; Hong, Xun; Liu, Juqing; Zheng, Bing; Huang, Xiao; Zhang, Xiao; Tan, Chaoliang; Chen, Junze; Fan, Zhanxi
 2014A universal, rapid method for clean transfer of nanostructures onto various substratesLi, Hai; Wu, Jumiati; Huang, Xiao; Yin, Zongyou; Liu, Juqing; Zhang, Hua