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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A light-stimulated synaptic transistor with synaptic plasticity and memory functions based on InGaZnOx–Al2O3 thin film structureLi, Hua Kai; Chen, Tupei; Liu, P.; Hu, S. G.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, Qing; Lee, Pooi See
 2013The mechanism clarification of Ni–Mn–Fe–Ga alloys with excellent and stable functional propertiesYang, S. Y.; Liu, Y.; Shi, Z.; Liu, X. J.; Wang, Cuiping.
2012Modeling of lateral charge transfer in Si nanocrystals in SiO2 thin filmYu, Q.; Liu, Y.; Yu, Y. F.; Wong, J. I.; Yang, M.; Chen, Tupei
2019A neuromorphic-hardware oriented bio-plausible online-learning spiking neural network modelQiao, G. C.; Hu, S. G.; Wang, J. J.; Zhang, C. M.; Ning, N.; Yu, Q.; Liu, Y.; Chen, Tu Pei
2018Predicting house price with a memristor-based artificial neural networkWang, J. J.; Hu, S. G.; Zhan, X. T.; Luo, Q.; Yu, Q.; Liu, Zhen; Yin, Y.; Hosaka, Sumio; Liu, Y.; Chen, Tu Pei
 2012A quantitative modeling of the contributions of localized surface plasmon resonance and interband transitions to absorbance of gold nanoparticlesZhu, S.; Liu, Y. C.; Liu, Y.; Chen, Tupei; Fung, Stevenson Hon Yuen
 2012Realization of transient memory-loss with NiO-based resistive switching deviceHu, S. G.; Liu, Y.; Liu, Z.; Yu, Q.; Deng, L. J.; Yin, Y.; Chen, Tupei; Hosaka, Sumio
2014Realization of write-once-read-many-times memory device with O2 plasma-treated indium gallium zinc oxide thin filmChen, Tupei; Liu, Pan; Li, X. D.; Liu, Z.; Wong, J. I.; Liu, Y.; Leong, K. C.
2013Recovery from ultraviolet-induced threshold voltage shift in indium gallium zinc oxide thin film transistors by positive gate biasLiu, P.; Li, X. D.; Liu, Z.; Wong, J. I.; Liu, Y.; Leong, K. C.; Chen, Tupei
 2014Review of nanostructured resistive switching memristor and its applicationsHu, S. G.; Wu, S. Y.; Jia, W. W.; Yu, Q.; Deng, L. J.; Fu, Y. Q.; Liu, Y.; Chen, T. P.
 2012Rigorous van der waals effect on vibration characteristics of multi-walled carbon nanotubes under a transverse magnetic fieldWang, X.; Shen, J.X.; Liu, Y.; Shen, G.G.; Lu, G.
 2012Size-suppressed dielectrics of Ge nanocrystals : skin-deep quantum entrapmentGoh, Eunice S. M.; Yang, H. Y.; Liu, Y.; Chen, Tupei; Sun, Changqing
2018Smart electronic skin having gesture recognition function by LSTM neural networkChen, Teng Peng; Liu, G. Y.; Kong, D. Y.; Hu, S. G.; Yu, Q.; Liu, Z.; Yin, Y.; Hosaka, Sumio; Liu, Y.
2012Spectral properties for a new composition of a matrix and a complex representationLiu, Y.; Molteni, G.; Zhang, D.; Lin, Z.
2015Study of Multilevel High-Resistance States in HfOx-Based Resistive Switching Random Access Memory by Impedance SpectroscopyLi, H. K.; Chen, T. P.; Hu, S. G.; Liu, P.; Liu, Y.; Lee, P. S.; Wang, X. P.; Li, H. Y.; Lo, G. Q.
2014A study on the evolution of dielectric function of ZnO thin films with decreasing film thicknessLi, X. D.; Chen, T. P.; Liu, P.; Liu, Y.; Liu, Z.; Leong, K. C.
2014Synaptic long-term potentiation realized in Pavlov's dog model based on a NiOx-based memristorHu, S. G.; Liu, Y.; Liu, Z.; Yu, Q.; Deng, L. J.; Yin, Y.; Chen, T. P.; Hosako, Sumio
2015Thickness dependence of optical properties of amorphous indium gallium zinc oxide thin films : effects of free-electrons and quantum confinementLi, X. D.; Chen, T. P.; Liu, Y.; Chen, Siyuan