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 2012Carbon/SnO2/carbon core/shell/shell hybrid nanofibers : tailored nanostructure for the anode of lithium ion batteries with high reversibility and rate capacityKong, Junhua; Liu, Zhaolin; Yang, Zhengchun; Tan, Hui Ru; Xiong, Shanxin; Wong, Siew Yee; Li, Xu; Lu, Xuehong
2015Construction of Efficient 3D Gas Evolution Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution: Porous FeP Nanowire Arrays on Graphene SheetsYan, Ya; Thia, Larissa; Xia, Bao Yu; Ge, Xiaoming; Liu, Zhaolin; Fisher, Adrian; Wang, Xin
2016Copper-Modified Gold Nanoparticles as Highly Selective Catalysts for Glycerol Electro-Oxidation in Alkaline SolutionThia, Larissa; Xie, Mingshi; Liu, Zhaolin; Ge, Xiaoming; Lu, Yizhong; Fong, Wenmei Eileen; Wang, Xin
2014Dual-Phase Spinel MnCo2O4 and Spinel MnCo2O4/Nanocarbon Hybrids for Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction and EvolutionGe, Xiaoming; Liu, Yayuan; Goh, F. W. Thomas; Hor, T. S. Andy; Zong, Yun; Xiao, Peng; Zhang, Zheng; Lim, Suo Hon; Li, Bing; Wang, Xin; Liu, Zhaolin
2015Efficient and durable oxygen reduction and evolution of a hydrothermally synthesized La(Co 0.55 Mn 0.45 ) 0.99 O 3−δ nanorod/graphene hybrid in alkaline mediaGe, Xiaoming; Goh, F. W. Thomas; Li, Bing; Hor, T. S. Andy; Zhang, Jie; Xiao, Peng; Wang, Xin; Zong, Yun; Liu, Zhaolin
 2018Electrochemical energy storage devices for wearable technology : a rationale for materials selection and cell designSumboja, Afriyanti; Liu, Jiawei; Zheng, Wesley Guangyuan; Zong, Yun; Zhang, Hua; Liu, Zhaolin
 2019Flexible and wearable all-solid-state Al-air battery based on iron carbide encapsulated in electrospun porous carbon nanofibersMa, Yuanyuan; Sumboja, Afriyanti; Zang, Wenjie; Yin, Shuoyan; Wang, Suxi; Pennycook, Stephen J.; Kou, Zongkui; Liu, Zhaolin; Li, Xu; Wang, John
2015A Flexible Electrode Based on Iron Phosphide Nanotubes for Overall Water SplittingYan, Ya; Xia, Bao Yu; Ge, Xiaoming; Liu, Zhaolin; Fisher, Adrian; Wang, Xin
2017Heterogeneous Electrocatalyst with Molecular Cobalt Ions Serving as the Center of Active SitesWang, Jiong; Ge, Xiaoming; Liu, Zhaolin; Thia, Larissa; Yan, Ya; Xiao, Wei; Wang, Xin
2016NiMn layered double hydroxide as efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction and its application in rechargeable Zn- air batteriesSumboja, Afriyanti; Chen, Jingwei; Zong, Yun; Lee, Pooi See; Liu, Zhaolin
 2015Novel molybdenum carbide-tungsten carbide composite nanowires and their electrochemical activation for efficient and stable hydrogen evolutionXiao, Peng; Ge, Xiaoming; Wang, Haibo; Liu, Zhaolin; Fisher, Adrian; Wang, Xin
 2012Sandwich-structured TiO2-Pt-graphene ternary hybrid electrocatalysts with high efficiency and stabilityXia, Bao Yu; Wang, Bao; Wu, Hao Bin; Liu, Zhaolin; Wang, Xin; Lou, David Xiong Wen
2016Self-Assembly-Induced Alternately Stacked Single-Layer MoS2 and N-doped Graphene: A Novel van der Waals Heterostructure for Lithium-Ion BatteriesZhao, Chenyang; Wang, Xu; Kong, Junhua; Ang, Jia Ming; Lee, Pooi See; Liu, Zhaolin; Lu, Xuehong
2013Sr1−xCaxMoO3–Gd0.2Ce0.8O1.9 as the anode in solid oxide fuel cells : effects of Mo precipitationXiao, Peng; Ge, Xiaoming; Liu, Zhaolin; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Wang, Xin
 2019Sulfur-rich colloidal nickel sulfides as bifunctional catalyst for all-solid-state, flexible and rechargeable Zn-air batteriesSumboja, Afriyanti; Chen, Jingwei; Ma, Yuanyuan; Xu, Yijie; Zong, Yun; Lee, Pooi See; Liu, Zhaolin