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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Probabilistic storm surge hazard using a steady-state surge model for the Pearl River Delta Region, ChinaJian, Wei; Lo, Edmond Yat-Man; Pan, Tso-Chien
2019Relationship between East Asian cold surges and synoptic patterns : a new coupling frameworkKumar, Anupam; Lo, Edmond Yat-Man; Switzer, Adam D.
2016Seasonal and Interannual Variability of Wet and Dry Spells over Two Urban Regions in the Western Maritime ContinentMandapaka, Pradeep V.; Qin, Xiaosheng; Lo, Edmond Yat-Man
2002Surface-penetrating flexible membrane wave barriers of finite draftLee, Wei Koon.
2014Thermal structure and variability of a shallow tropical reservoirLo, Edmond Yat-Man; Xing, Zikun; Fong, Derek A.; Monismith, Stephen G.
 2019Vertical mixing in a shallow tropical reservoirYang, Peipei; Fong, Derek A.; Lo, Edmond Yat-Man; Monismith, Stephen G.
2012Water and heat budgets of a shallow tropical reservoirFong, Derek A.; Monismith, Stephen G.; Xing, Zikun; Tan, Kok Meng; Lo, Edmond Yat-Man
2003Weakly nonlinear water waves over varying topographyXiao, Rong
2003Weakly nonlinear water waves over varying topographyXiao, Rong