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 2012Constitutive modelling of sintering of 316L stainless steel microsize structuresLiu, Lin.; Tay, Bee Yen.; Loh, Ngiap Hiang.
1998Injection moulding of compositesLoh, Ngiap Hiang.
1991Metal forming with flexible tools for sheet metal and tubular productsThiruvarudchelvan, Sinnathamby.; Loh, Ngiap Hiang.
1994Microcomputer controlled teaching playback robot for electro-mechanical grinding and polishing of curved surfacesLeung, S. K.; Yap, Kian Tiong.; Loh, Ngiap Hiang.; Tarn, Siu Chung.
 2012Microstructure evolution and constitutive modelling of microsize structuresLiu, Lin.; Loh, Ngiap Hiang.; Tay, Bee Yen.
2005Powder injection molding of small partsLoh, Ngiap Hiang.