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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Daughter, mother, soldier : military culture and the woman warrior.Li, Adrianne Yahui.
2008Defence spending and military modernisation : should it be recession-proof?Bitzinger, Richard A.; Kuah, Adrian W. J; Loo, Bernard Fook Weng
2006Defining Singaporeans - the constructions, challenges and way ahead of national identity in the security of Singapore.Lee, Wei Cheng.
2004Examining the defence industrialization - economic growth relationship : the case of SingaporeKuah, Adrian W. J; Loo, Bernard Fook Weng
2006Expending NATO : an organisation searching for the wrong missionsLoo, Bernard Fook Weng
2009F-15SG: the last manned fighter for the RSAF?Loo, Bernard Fook Weng
2005Gestalt of strategy : from linear to dynamic perspectives.Seah, Edwin Poh San.
2003Gulf war II : lessons and implications for SingaporeLoo, Bernard Fook Weng
2007The Internet and Do-It-Yourself Jihadism Much Less Than Meets The Eye?Loo, Bernard Fook Weng
2006Living with a nuclear North KoreaLoo, Bernard Fook Weng
2006Making sense of the 2006 quadrennial defence reviewLoo, Bernard Fook Weng
2017Managing a Nuclear North Korea: More Is Not BetterLoo, Bernard Fook Weng
2005National security strategy in the age of revolutions in security affairsLoo, Bernard Fook Weng
2005Nuclear North Korea : assessing the falloutLoo, Bernard Fook Weng
2004Phoney war and the battle of France 1940 : the impact of military reforms during the interwar periodNeo, Keng Hup
2004Postmodern peacekeeping - strategy transformation of contemparary militaries in peacekeeping operation.Hansen, Morten.
2004Regional security complex theory case study US-china competition.Zhao, Baogang.
2008Responding to the tragedy of military training-related deathLoo, Bernard Fook Weng
2008The responsibility to protect : is there a viable strategy?Loo, Bernard Fook Weng
2005SAF : a flexible force to deal with the unexpectedLoo, Bernard Fook Weng; Ho, Joshua