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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Fabrication and drug release study of double-layered microparticles of various sizesLee, Wei Li; Seh, Yi Chuan; Widjaja, Effendi; Chong, Han Chung; Tan, Nguan Soon; Loo, Say Chye Joachim
 2010Formation and degradation of biodegradable triple-layered microparticlesLoo, Say Chye Joachim; Lee, Wei Li; Hong, Meiju; Widjaja, Effendi
2013Gastric-floating microcapsules provide controlled and sustained release of multiple cardiovascular drugsLee, Wei Li; Wee, Peixin; Nugraha, Chandra; Loo, Say Chye Joachim
 2012Gold coating of silver nanoprismsSaadat, Somaye; Martinsson, Erik; Aili, Daniel; Tay, Yee Yan; Bo, Liedberg; Loo, Say Chye Joachim; Zhang, Hua; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang; Xue, Can; Shahjamali, Mohammad Mehdi; Bosman, Michel; Cao, Shao-Wen; Huang, Xiao
2012In situ growth of Au nanoparticles on Fe2O3 nanocrystals for catalytic applicationsCao, Shao-Wen; Fang, Jun; Mohammad Mehdi Shahjamali; Wang, Zheng; Yin, Zhen; Yang, Yanhui; Barber, James; Loo, Say Chye Joachim; Xue, Can; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang
 2012In vitro characterizations of mesoporous hydroxyapatite as a controlled release delivery device for VEGF in orthopedic applicationsNg, Suxiu; Lim, Tee Yong; Poh, Chye Khoon; Tan, Hark Chuan; Loo, Say Chye Joachim; Wang, Wilson
2012In-situ growth of CdS quantum dots on g-C3N4 nanosheets for highly efficient photocatalytic hydrogen generation under visible light irradiationCao, Shao-Wen; Yuan, Yu-Peng; Fang, Jun; Mohammad Mehdi Shahjamali; Barber, James; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang; Loo, Say Chye Joachim; Xue, Can
 2014Inhibition of 3-D tumor spheroids by timed-released hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs from multilayered polymeric microparticlesTan, Ern Yu; Loo, Say Chye Joachim; Lee, Wei Li; Guo, Wei Mei; Ho, Vincent H. B.; Saha, Amitaksha; Chong, Han Chung; Tan, Nguan Soon; Widjaja, Effendi
 2013Ion-induced synthesis of uniform single-crystalline sulphide-based quaternary-alloy hexagonal nanorings for highly efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolutionCao, Shao-Wen; Ngaw, Chee Keong; Lin, Jingdong; Hu, Peng; Pramana, Stevin Snellius; Loo, Say Chye Joachim; Tan, Timothy Thatt Yang
2012Mesoporous plasmonic Au-TiO2 nanocomposites for efficient visible-light-driven photocatalytic water reductionFang, Jun; Cao, Shao-Wen; Wang, Zheng; Mohammad Mehdi Shahjamali; Loo, Say Chye Joachim; Barberand, James; Xue, Can
2015Metabolite-enabled mutualistic interaction between Shewanella oneidensis and Escherichia coli in a co-culture using an electrode as electron acceptorWang, Victor Bochuan; Sivakumar, Krishnakumar; Yang, Liang; Zhang, Qichun; Kjelleberg, Staffan; Loo, Say Chye Joachim; Cao, Bin
 2012Microencapsulation of dye- and drug-loaded particles for imaging and controlled release of multiple drugsKhung, Yit-Lung; Chui, Kit Leong; Lee, Li Wei; Liu, Yayuan; Lim, Ming Pin; Huang, Charlotte Liwen; Loo, Say Chye Joachim
2012Modeling of drug release from biodegradable triple-layered microparticlesLee, Wei Li; Shi, Wenxiong; Low, Zheng Yang; Li, Shuzhou; Loo, Say Chye Joachim
2014Modulating Drug Release from Gastric-Floating Microcapsules through Spray-Coating LayersLee, Wei Li; Tan, Jun Wei Melvin; Tan, Chaoyang Nicholas; Loo, Say Chye Joachim
2013Molecule-based water-oxidation catalysts (WOCs) : cluster-size-dependent dye-sensitized polyoxometalates for visible-light-driven O2 evolutionGao, Junkuo; Cao, Shao-Wen; Tay, Qiuling; Liu, Yi; Yu, Lingmin; Ye, Kaiqi; Mun, Peter Choon Sze; Li, Yongxin; Rakesh, Ganguly; Loo, Say Chye Joachim; Chen, Zhong; Zhao, Yang; Xue, Can; Zhang, Qichun
2016Multi-drug-loaded Microcapsules with Controlled Release for Management of Parkinson's DiseaseBaek, Jong-Suep; Choo, Chee Chong; Qian, Cheng; Tan, Nguan Soon; Shen, Zexiang; Loo, Say Chye Joachim
2013Nanoparticle heterojunctions in ZnS/ZnO hybrid nanowires for visible-light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen generationWang, Zheng; Cao, Shao-Wen; Loo, Say Chye Joachim; Xue, Can
 2015Nanoparticle-assay marker interaction: effects on nanotoxicity assessmentZhao, Xinxin; Xiong, Sijing; Huang, Liwen Charlotte; Ng, Kee Woei; Loo, Say Chye Joachim
 2014Nanoporous thermochromic VO2 (M) thin films : controlled porosity, largely enhanced luminous transmittance and solar modulating abilityCao, Xun; Wang, Ning; Law, Jia Yan; Loo, Say Chye Joachim; Magdassi, Shlomo; Long, Yi
 2012Novel assembly of an MoS2 electrocatalyst onto a silicon nanowire array electrode to construct a photocathode composed of elements abundant on the Earth for hydrogen generationTran, Phong D.; Pramana, Stevin S.; Kale, Vinayak S.; Nguyen, Mai; Chiam, Sing Yang; Batabyal, Sudip Kumar; Wong, Lydia Helena; Barber, James; Loo, Say Chye Joachim