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2020Broadband enhancement of on-chip single-photon extraction via tilted hyperbolic metamaterialsShen, Lian; Lin, Xiao; Shalaginov, Mikhail Y.; Low, Tony; Zhang, Xianmin; Zhang, Baile; Chen, Hongsheng
2020Chiral plasmons with twisted atomic bilayersLin, Xiao; Liu, Zifei; Stauber, Tobias; Gómez-Santos, Guillermo; Gao, Fei; Chen, Hongsheng; Zhang, Baile; Low, Tony
2019Controlling photonic spin Hall effect via exceptional pointsZhou, Xinxing; Lin, Xiao; Xiao, Zhicheng; Low, Tony; Alù, Andrea; Zhang, Baile; Sun, Handong
2018Group-velocity-controlled and gate-tunable directional excitation of polaritons in graphene-boron nitride heterostructuresJiang, Yuyu; Lin, Xiao; Low, Tony; Zhang, Baile; Chen, Hongsheng
2005Valence band structure of ultrathin silicon and germanium channels in metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistorsLow, Tony; Li, M. F.; Yeo, Y. C.; Fan, Weijun; Ng, S. T.; Kwong, Dim Lee