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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The effect of prestressing force on natural frequencies of concrete beams – A numerical validation of existing experiments by modelling shrinkage crack closureGan, Bing-Zheng; Chiew, Sing-Ping; Lu, Yong; Fung, Tat-Ching
 2022High-precision 3D printing of high-strength polymer-derived ceramics: impact of precursor's molecular structureChen, Hui; Chen, Xuelong; Lim, Jacob Song Kiat; Lu, Yong; Hu, Jingdan; Liang, Yen Nan; Hu, Xiao
2010In-structure shock of underground structures : a theoretical approachMa, Guowei; Zhou, Hongyuan; Lu, Yong; Chong, Karen
 2021The molecular design of photo-curable and high-strength benzoxazine for 3D printingLu, Yong; Ng, Joseph Kok Wei; Chen, Hui; Chen, Xuelong; Lim, Jacob Song Kiat; Yan, Weili; Hu, Xiao
2014Molecular packing and electronic processes in amorphous-like polymer bulk heterojunction solar cells with fullerene intercalationHu, Xiao; Xiao, Ting; Xu, Haihua; Grancini, Giulia; Mai, Jiangquan; Petrozza, Annamaria; Jeng, U-Ser; Wang, Yan; Xin, Xin; Lu, Yong; Choon, Ng Siu; Ong, Beng S.; Lu, Xinhui; Zhao, Ni
2014Synthesis and characterization of dithienobenzothiadiazole-based donor-acceptor conjugated polymers for organic solar cell applicationsEfrem, Amsalu; Lim, Chia-Juan; Lu, Yong; Ng, Siu-Choon
 2012Synthesis and characterization of thieno[3,2-b]thiophene-isoindigo-based copolymers as electron donor and hole transport materials for bulk-heterojunction polymer solar cellsXu, Xiaofeng; Cai, Ping; Lu, Yong; Choon, Ng Siu; Chen, Junwu; Hu, Xiao; Ong, Beng S.
 2013Synthesis of a novel low-bandgap polymer based on a ladder-type heptacyclic arene consisting of outer thieno[3,2-b]thiophene units for efficient photovoltaic applicationXu, Xiaofeng; Cai, Ping; Lu, Yong; Choon, Ng Siu; Chen, Junwu; Ong, Beng S.; Hu, Xiao
2010Synthesis, characterization and application of n-dithieno[3,2-B:2’,3’-D]pyrroles/fluorene derivatives based conjugated molecules/polymersLu, Yong
 2023Tunable nonlinear conductive behavior without percolation threshold and high thermal conductivity of epoxy resin/SiC ceramic foam co-continuous phase compositesXu, Huasong; Gou, Bin; He, Jie; Lu, Yong; Chen, Hui; Li, Licheng; Xie, Congzhen; Hu, Xiao